asymmetrical haircuts

Katherine Gregory say:
These styles are very pretty but her hair was curled/styled before she started which makes the style a lot longer than 2-3 min to do.?

Heena Girkar say:
Can anyone please tell me how could I get this much silky n straight hairs…for any kind of good hairstyling first hairs should be proper. .. :(?

asymmetrical haircuts   asymmetrical haircuts

Aribah Hussain say:
Apply coconut oil to your hair and massage it into your scalp for about 35 seconds then go to sleep when you wake up take a shower and wash your hair well so that all the oil comes out. When your hair is dry your hair will be SO SMOOTH AND SILKY ;)?

Natalie Natasha say:
One more thing to add to the GLAM look – A brilliant perfume like Hello by Harvey Prince. It’s impressive and quite attractive. Best thing to carry in your purse wherever you go!!!!!!?

asymmetrical haircuts   asymmetrical haircuts

Kimberly Munoz say:
My hair is too long. Why can’t anyone do easy hair styles for long wavy/ sometimes very frizzy hair? Good hair tutorial by the way?

Aribah Hussain say:
Lol I know when you do a high ponytail it looks cute for TWO SECONDS before your heavy long hair pulls the ponytail down. I want to cut my hair but if you have long hair you know that most of us have a fear of haircuts :p?

asymmetrical haircuts   asymmetrical haircuts

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