auburn hair color

Omg your hair is phenomenal I swear once I saw it and you said hair colorist I thought to myself it must be guy tang

and I was right💃💃 he does such an amazing job 😍😍

Did he charge by the hour if so how much if not how much?

auburn hair color   auburn hair color

You found Guy Tang on Yelp? Are you kidding me? The second I saw your hair, I knew immediately that Guy did it. As

if you didn’t know who he was before hand, lol!

+Florida Girl I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

auburn hair color   auburn hair color

Before anyone else feels the need to put me in my place regarding my thoughts on Michelle’s hair video please just

stop. I adore Michelle Phan and Image given her tons of positive comments. I am extremely ill right now and I am

only 53 yo and I just do not need the negativity towards me I am just not strong enough to deal with it all. At this

point in my life none of this matters when my life hangs in the balance. If saying I’m sorry will get people off my

back for a comment that was typed over a year ago then I am truly sorry and this will be the last time I use the

small amount of energy I have on this rediculous subject.

you look so different now! remember when i would watch you all the time. you seem really different. 

Thats my hair color. One thing I just dont understand is why people keep telling me that my hair is copper colored


auburn hair color   auburn hair color

Maybe that is copper. Maybe I am blind or everybody else.

Well my hair colour is weird… hair turns yellow on the back at night but when in the morning my hair look

blonde brown this pic is my cousin not me.

Im not a girly girl but I really enjoy watching your videos because you explain things really well. I dont care

about my appearance all that much but I dont want to be a total mess either and your advice has been very helpful to


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