Black hairstyles for round faces

what she meant was that the right side of her hair has that one strand of hair that is longer than the rest of her

hair. and it’s no bother really but some people find that to be annoying..

So if i have a round face i can’t have a short haircut because it makes me less beautiful?? what if i like my round

face and like to enhance it… but you are telling me that i should go with a longer style because it makes me look

beautiful, like i wasn’t beautiful before?

She’s only giving tips on what she feels is beautiful. Just do what you want and continue being beautiful!

+Pernilla Paaso omg some people are so stupid, just read the fucking description box!

Can I just say that this is a very infomative video and super helpful, but if you are a person with whatever face

shape that doesn’t “go with” a certain style that you want it’s okay! you can still do it!! don’t be discouraged

just because someone else said that it isn’t for you. So go ahead and do whatever you want. If you look good to you,

then you look good. Nothing should ever stop you from looking fab for yourself.

black hairstyles for round faces,black haircuts for round faces   black hairstyles for round faces,black haircuts for round faces

Around the end of the summer I’m considering getting a pixie cut and dying it blonde. I’m a bit nervous, but excited

because I get to see the real me for once. Would this be recommended for one with a diamond/heart face shape?

i have an oval shape but i think the heart shape looks the best

I m confused…I have oval face with widows peak !!! And I have really long and thick hair …which hairstyle/

haircut should I go for without losing any length and thickness? 

+Vasundhra Jorwal Sounds like you have your answer- your current cut.

ohh i always thought jennifer aniston was oval shaped lol still don’t know what shape i have..

black hairstyles for round faces,black haircuts for round faces   black hairstyles for round faces,black haircuts for round faces

I have a heart shaped face.. But when my hair is down it always looks like really round (like chubby not necessarily

like her example of a rounf face) help

I have a heart shaped face and short hair is amazing in my opinion :)
I didn’t like my long hair at all and short hair is absolutely perfect!

i have heart shaped face and honestly we can rock almost any type of haircut, idk i just like heart shaped faces :p

heyy i love your haircut though…what is it called..? as i do have a tapering jaw and a kind of narrow forehead but

its nt completely like a diamond one…also i have a middle parting naturally that is why i think the one u have

would go well with my face too!!

what kind of bangs look good on a diamond shaped face?

omggg I love that trick with the mirror and the dry erase marker, I actually did it and was surprised. I would

think I’m rounder face, but I discovered I’m more of an oval…

im confused because my jawline is on the square shape (strong) but the rest of my face is heart shaped

black hairstyles for round faces,black haircuts for round faces   black hairstyles for round faces,black haircuts for round faces

ellebangs I still can’t decide what my face shape is… obviously noot oval or heart shape…I can’t compare whether

it is round,square or diamond..

I always thought I had a round face but now I know I have an oval face so thanks I’m not super scared to cut my

hair from my waist to my shoulder 👍🏼

Question: When one googles about face shapes, other face shapes that come up are ones called “oblong” and/or

“long”. For people that may not have any of these, or may become confused if they have those face shapes – which are

not mentioned in this video I don’t think -, what should they do? (I learned I have a heart shaped face with this

video by the way, so I’m not asking for myself, it’s just curiosity. You did a great job on the video and I love

this video! I’ve been sharing it with my friends who have wondered what their face shape is!)

I’m still not certain what my face shape actually is since I can’t draw it out on the mirror for now since it’s

dark and I don’t have a whiteboard marker. xD
Although going by feel and how you described it, I’m gonna assume it’s probably diamond shaped? O.O

You don’t necessarily need one of those markers :) I just did it with a normal pen and drew my face shape on my

mirror :) you can easily clean the mirror afterwards :) just try

Dang it my face is oval and heartshaped at the same time, I want to cut my hair soo bad, but I really don’t know

how should I cut it, I have a long hair, to the hips, if anybody knows a good haircut, tell me plss 😁😪

Keep it long like a litte shorter tho and bangs a little more. On the thinner side I have those and I have an oval


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