black hairstyles for short hair

she could shave it all off after the show anyway lol

No being materialistic is holding incredible value on property which is replaceable, just like hair. and what does it matter that im not a women you placing

this much value on hair just makes you seem incredibly shallow and vane. when someone has good friends, good family, and self confidence they dont really

care about petty things such as their hair.

I’d totally shave my head for 25,000. That way I can take care of my family and some of my college education instead of leeching off family. If you’re face

is actually pretty, then it doesn’t matter what your hair/body looks like. I’ve had my hair short and long, and guys still talked to me. Oh, and someone tell

me something legal and as easy as getting a bad haircut that will give me as much money as her, by the way. I’d would LOVE to hear the ‘endless list’ of

choices that there are. -___-; 
black hairstyles for short hair   black hairstyles for short hair

i read all of mQtek comments and i think he is gay but pain scale isn’t strenght maybe women can take more pain therefore women can tolarate more pain but a

man’s body is stronger if you take an avrage man and a avrage woman who didnt train a man muscles are still stronger than women 

Being male, I cannot understand why having one’s hair cut would be bad. I have often heard my female peers call their hair their “most prized possession”,

but why? Why is hair important to girls, but not boys? Humans are messed up.

Exactly what I thought. Remove yourself from the main issue, get attached to a variable that does not matter, pretend to be civil. Pathetic. 

black hairstyles for short hair   black hairstyles for short hair

well im ten and you are probely like realy realy OLD! but i know im stronger than you with out women you wouldent have food on the table all you know what

to do is push somthing in the micorwave

No, Shotgun are for people who love power and gore, I want to see your innards fly in splatters and glisten in the morning sunlight. That would get me off ;)

black hairstyles for short hair   black hairstyles for short hair

ironic you call him a dick, I bet if you were a fear factor producer, you’d make him chop off his dick for money. then before he backs out, you tell him its

just like cutting off your hair. Lmao you are so fucking stupid. you need to learn how to make appropriate comparisons mangina.

You must be another idiot with nothing to say, you just speak with emotion like a fragile little girl. I didn’t call you weak because you are a female, I

called you weak because of the way I perceive you. To me, a person that goes “……, HAHAHAHAHA!!!” is a loser, a nobody, a weak person. A weak person is

someone who warns others over the net, yet they themselves would never do anything in person. You are weak because you were raped, or so you say, and then

you bitch and make up comments.Weak.

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