blonde hair colo

Could you please to a hair routine?? It looks amazing!! :D

Yes please make a hair care routine!!! Your hair looks so beautiful and natural!

C’mon. Really? Threatening others with death and then telling them you’ll “color your fucking windows with your own

blood” doesn’t make you a better person.

blonde hair color   blonde hair color

Could you tell me what the actual colour of your hair is now? I’m blond and have been for 12 years. I want to go

brunette but don’t just want to be a dull brown. You look fab btw!

Hi michelle you inspire me to wanna lose weight can you do a video on how to make your green juice and detox juice.

Thank you! 

blonde hair color   blonde hair color

You inspired me to go and cut my hair. Now i also have ombre hair. I have to thank you cause it looks so much better

than my hair looked before. I have fluffy and curly hair but now it feels very soft and it makes me feel so much

better than before… i was always afraid to let my hair cut because i allways was sad when my hair was to short.

But today im so happy the color looks great in combination with my original color and the way my hair is curly is so

soft and fluffy, i just love it 333

Hi am do u think u can make a video about ur diet routine and how to make one of those detoxing drinks u make cuz i

am willing to change my life and to change my body u really inpire me alot

blonde hair color   blonde hair color

I think Gay Tang got even more busy after this…. will have to book a time half year before I need it now xD

by the way I know this is an old video, but weren’t able to keep updated during summer since I was in Peru. But

please post vids of your green drinks, would love to try them! =) oh and could you make more videos of face masks?

Never tried any better than yours!! =)
Thanks for always making my life easier! =)

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