blonde hair colors

Hey Michelle! I was wondering if you could possibly do a video on helping your self esteem? Like what you can do to

look and feel your best because, I know that like me girls can get down on themselves very easily. Thanks so much

for everything! ~Parker

What’s with all the “iTS CaLLeD OmBrEe!!1!!’ Girls? It’s not, ombré is quite different and not any stylist could do

it , especially not on Asian hair.

blonde hair colors   blonde hair colors

uhMMm!!.. micHelle woUld You sTill AcCepT viDeos frOm me.? tHis weEk..??

Lol! That beautiful rose blush hairdo like video, Michelle is alil too kissable

I luv that hair color so jealous. Guys can you watch my videos pleez!!!!

blonde hair colors   blonde hair colors

The color looks good, but I think the way it’s styled (large waves) looks horrible, in my opinion.

you are SUCH an inspiration to me, michelle! I never really had an interest in health and beauty until I started

watching ur videos! Please keep making videos! They mean the world to me!

Your IQ is not 296. Albert Einstein’s IQ was determined to be between 160 and 180. So let’s rethink this one,

shall we?

blonde hair colors   blonde hair colors

I love your new hair colour!! Well I saw this video just now so I guess it isn’t exactly so new.. Lol

P/S. I did deleted my comment but I REPLACED IT with a reworded version (scroll down, You’ll see). I did cut out

the apologize request too, due to the lack of space. However, since you brought that up.

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