braids for short hair

Try being a man. Try having all the responsibility. Try being told to die in wars. Give birth, like I said before, that is an illogical and ancient argument.

If men were designed to give birth, we would handle it just as well if not better. Woman logic.

shut up about carrying babies. It’s not exactly hard. A man could do the same thing but the way our genetics our coded means we can’t. Women are genetically

coded to carry babies for 9 months which is exactly why they can do it so stop with the bullshit

braids for short hair

braids for short hair

lol, i love how you spit out personal information and think people with pity you. have you fingered your sister as of late? =)

try being a woman . try giving birth. try having a period. try and feel pressured into looking good. try being bullied because you don’t look like a super

model. maybe some women think men are weak but doesn’t mean you have to be a feminist . now that is a age old argument 

It’s how Fear Factor is. I think the competitors are told to act confident so it would play off more interesting for the viewers, even though I dislike it.

Everyone there are bragging about how good they are when most of them sucks.

> braids for short hair

braids for short hair

yeah because have a body part that produces children painfully ripped off and will never come back is the same as shaving hair which after time grows back,as

a woman that went trough cancer i %100 disagree with you,if all women lost their hair…NOTHING would change,and it eventually grow back,if all men lost

their penis,humanity would go instinct…im sorry but your an idiot

That chick in the orange shirt, why is she being such a bitch? Because she’d probably be to much of a wuss to cut her hair off.

braids for short hair

“so you know its just the two of us tomorow? and we’re gonna beat you tomorrow .-.
its no prob for me i could make my hair look GREAT.. but i just wanna let you know when we win the 50 you did this for nothing.”
me- cool cool great story but when the part when you SHUT THE FUCK UP? 

I hate this show and stopped watching in the 90’s partly because its too exploitive. Making vegans eat meat, that sort of thing. And the host is a

hypocrite and all i want to do is hit him for being the hypocritical coward that he is. The filthy bag of fettid pig poop.

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