Clairol hair color

She just lost weight and her chin is looking more pointy … nothing else… and if you want to hate you will hate


Am dying to do my hair like this style omg how u did it? Plz do a video about use hair style in this video! Thanks

I’m not allowed to make videos, so I’ll say this in a comment. I know it’s pointless, but hey, I want to let my

feelings out ;P. Michelle has inspired me to take care of my skin and hair more. She introduced me to the makeup and

skincare-recipe world. She’s helped me so much with her tips, remedies, makeup ideas, etc. Love you, Michelle!

clairol hair color   clairol hair color

See anything new? Yeah a new chin.

You really made me laugh a lot with your comments, but you have become so boring!!!. I see this will never end,

because you need to have the last word. So! I will give you that chance. Make any comment in reply, be free to say

all those little and unimaginative insults you are used to say, and finish showing everyone how little-minded you

are, that you start a fight, just because you can’t tolerate different opinions, don’t worry I will not even read

it, say all you want. Have a better life!

begging translates into I paid him triple to do my hair after the salon is closed. :) i’m only guessing tho because

didn’t look like any other customers were around.

she looks the same to me maybe it’s the makeup or her skincare or the camera resolution 

clairol hair color   clairol hair color

Coming from a humble beginning does not necessarily mean you remain at the state in which you started. She is

allowed to become more famous, that does not change the fact that she can from humble beginnings. 

you are so lovable. cant think of any reason to dislike you.. trust me, i tried lol. 

Guy is a master! Wish I could find a decent Asian hairdresser who actually understands Asian hair texture 

Just because someone prefers humility doesn’t been they are intimidated by the confident. I’m sure you know that

there are many explanations you’re missing out on when you make that statement. But then again, everyone’s entitled

to an opinion, but please keep them nice :)

clairol hair color   clairol hair color

i’m a girl with a big dream and passion for makeup. i put my heart, soul, and time into tutorials.

i started making videos this year and i’d appreciate your input and feedback: positive or constructive criticism.

you guys are the experts on what people want to see, this is why i’m asking you to give me some feedback if you have

the time.

i know these get annoying, so i apologize, but if you have the time, please check out my channel! i hope you have a

blessed day. thanks once again :)

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