cute hairstyles for short hair

The ptach haircut is nooot that nice.. but she can ALWAYS shave her head aaand in about 3 weeks her hair with grow, like natalie portman with short hair, and

you could CLEARLY see that she looks GOOOOD in short hair :)

her choice but its horrible and sad.she is so brave.i d cry fuckin game :/

cute hairstyles for short hair   cute hairstyles for short hair

Hair takes a long time to grow back, we girls get attached to that more then the hair itself. It’s a long process, that for some can take years. She was a

brave girl! I liked how she said she can buy a nice wig for $25,000. Uh huh, that’s what I’m thinking!

Well when you think about it, this is going to affect her for months, whereas eating a spider or doing a scary stunt or anything like that is awful, but

atleast it’s over quickly, and no harms done in the long run. It’s like a spanking vs a grounding, and we all know the grounding is the worse of the two


cute hairstyles for short hair   cute hairstyles for short hair

My username doesn’t make me a guy and straight. Joe is short for Joanna and I’m a lesbian, I’m insulted by your sexist and homophobic insinuations….

Kidding, I’m a guy but I wouldn’t just date someone because of hair, I would have to be attracted to her on a mental and emotional level not just physical

but If you’re asking if I find bald women attractive then.. HELL YEAH! Amber Rose and Jack of Mass Effect are a few of my favorites!

cute hairstyles for short hair   cute hairstyles for short hair

It is indeed, “just hair”. It is an individuals choice to succumb to societal “pressures”. Just because our society is fucked, does not mean that every man

and woman have to follow that beaten path. She’s losing hair… It’ll grow back. I feel sorry for anyone who would be upset with completing this stunt.
Nah. I don’t care too much about my hair turning out like that as long as I can shave it all off afterwards. Rather have a shaved head than a bald spot.

Growing it out would be an unattractive bitch, but beanies are cute if you wear them right. Some women are different. I’d only be willing to do it too see

how I would look like, and I don’t really have special attachments to my hair. When it looks good, I’m happy with it. But an experiment like that would be

cool to try out just once. c:

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