easy hairstyles for long hair

Maria Marquez say:
You look like my Grade 9 Science teacher. The weird thing is that she was Russian, too. I love your tutorials!

Elvira Massa say:
You explain it brilliantly!!! So good!

aishk raut say:
u n your hairstyles are awesome I tried many of u r hairstyles and I was successful in it u r my hairstyle guru plz give my reply

easy hairstyles for long hair   easy hairstyles for long hair

Éireann Mc say:
omg thank you so much! I only had to watch this tutorial once then on the third attempt I mastered it! 😄

freebird16599 say:
Lilith dear, this is the best tutorial for braiding/hair styling that I have ever come across! Thank you so much for this, you are a wonderful teacher! :) Beautiful

easy hairstyles for long hair   easy hairstyles for long hair

thana say:
I like your hairstyles and you are so pretty.😄💁 

Su Mie Tamang say:
Thnx a lot for teaching to make this mind blowing hair style :)

Tessa Shelton say:
One of the best fishtail and French fishtail tutorials I’ve seen on YouTube! Well done!

Jennifer Birch say:
Love the last hair styleeee. Muust master this!!! 

easy hairstyles for long hair   easy hairstyles for long hair

Jessica Gillim say:
this is gorgeous ugh. i just uploaded my first hair tutorial so if you want to, feel free to check it out :)

gaelvain say:
OMG in the beginning it was so difficult but the result is just awesome :)

ping cai 5say:
My favorite is the first and last and by the way I’m a girl not a boy…a daughter. Plus I am 8 years old

Jem Ivers say:
I am terrible at doing hair, I mean really bad i can do a simple basic plait (braid), a bun and a ponytail. My daughter had to dress up as a book character and she chose elsa so thank you for making such a simple tutorial that looks really good :-)

uzma amir say:
this is the closes tutorial fir elsas hair!!😘

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