easy updos for short hair

This is pretty fucked up. All he wants to do is humiliate people for money.

maaaybe for 1 million… its just hair after all

easy updos for short hair   easy updos for short hair

This girl won $25,000 for that haircut. And the smack-talking girl chickened out like a coward. Wow, do we ever live in a world with shallow people, that

their HAIR is their life. So shallow and cowardly the other chicks were. 

easy updos for short hair   easy updos for short hair

That is just illogical and absolute bullshit. Did you even read what the fuck you wrote? You said the average human body. Women are humans as well as men.

Secondly there is no such thing as DEL units. It’s called DOL units, that just proves how much you know, I’ve been thrown this argument against me several

time and only illogical, emotional and weak people use it. Non-thinking people. If you actually did think, you would notice that argument is 100% false and

completely illogical as stated.

continued… I also find humor in the fact that you exclaim that i am trying to put down women on the internet then follow it by “nice try sweetie”, it

appears that you were attempting to put down children on the internet so it would appear, I found your latest reply very rude and hypocritical, it appeared

that you were looking down on me because of my age and I don’t find that very mature or adult-like.

Hair is like a self esteem shield, or a security blanket. 

@baltobabe222 I agree with you, but hair for a girl is a big part of who you are. im 13 now and i cut off all ny hair in 3rd grade and i got bullied and

teased for it. it leaves you feeling empty and so ugly. it can change who you are. reply what you think. sorry for spelling errors.

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