Garnier hair color

How do u prevent damage to ur hair after bleaching it so much? I dyed my hair years ago and it left my hair sooo

dry and weird I never did it again

The fact that you are childish and dumb. Does not make me an old person. That’s all you can say right? xD Anyways,

your comments has always been pure nonsense. 

LOL. Yeah, sure… you are not-at-all “intimidated by her confident”, you are just “LIKE HER LESS BECAUSE SHE IS

MORE CONFIDENT NOW”. Such a big different. And I didn’t even say anything about you so don’t put the word “hate”

into my mouth (i know you hate that so don’t be a hypocrite and do what you don’t like onto others).

can you please do a princess peach and daisy make up tutorial please i am a huge fan of yours and it would make my

day if you done one. 

garnier hair color   garnier hair color

Can you please do a video on all the healthy stuff you’ve been doing. Just step by step on how you make all the

stuff, please?

garnier hair color   garnier hair color

hey girlies!(:
I am new to the YouTube beauty community, and I work really hard on my videos(:
I’ve recently uploaded a heatless waves/curls tutorial, everyday makeup, products I regret buying, and a How To:

Make Your Lashes Look Fuller!
if you would take a few minutes to check out my channel, it would mean the world to me!(:
if you like any of my videos, please subscribe(:

I’ve actually been wanting to get that exact hair color for a long time now… But whenever I try to lighten my

hair, it turns orangey or reddish! (I’m not Asian, but I have naturally dark hair), Anyway, I love that color and

it looks gorgeous on you!

garnier hair color   garnier hair color

Ohmygod, why do you change your house every 2 weaks? I really don’t understand it, it’s so tiring!

Can you guys not. She’s not bragging about her hair. She’s talking about it because shes excited about it .and shes

telling us about a hairdresser

OMG i found a dupe of that dress on Love Culture (Boutique Culture)

Michelle Phan isn’t a Bitch. Leave her alone. When you dont like her Videos, don’t watch it ! :) :P

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