Hair color chart

You look great! you sounds like you’re still wearing invisalign though, whenever you make an s sound, even though

you’re not…

Hi Michelle i love ur videos… And i was thinking .. U show u great tutorials and stuff but i think u have to make

videos with tips and more talking to us i hope ur understand about what i mean 😀 xxx

You should do a video of your work out schedule!! What days do you work out, what food you recommend, it would

really help!! (:

hair color chart   hair color chart

Get a life, stop worrying about her chin.

you’re so inspiring michelle <3 your tips and makeup tutorials make me more confident, it taught me to love the way i am. love from indonesia!  i got my hairlighted just the same color as yuh!  hair color chart   hair color chart

Hi Michelle, I’ve just started watching your channel for a week.
I have a question. Well, my eyes are really sensitive and I’ve always had problems putting make up on these. Can you

advice me how to solve that situation? Thank you very much <3  can you the tutorial for this hair style you are wearing here and at the salon after you were done....!! plzzzz its so beautiful ~ I LoVE your hair!!! It looks almost like ombré. That's what I currently rock with my hair ;). I just started my channel~ I have A LOT to learn. But come check out my channel EVERYONE... I will be uploading fashion and beauty hauls and some Birchbox and Ipsy unboxing videos etc hair color chart   hair color chart

Google images shows a lot of pornographic-looking images (of him) and girls with hair just like Michelle when you

look up “Guy Tang”

So cute! I like how you’ve shown a bit more about yourself by just talking rather than doing tutorials.

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