Hair color ideas

I am 15 years old and I have been watching your videos Michelle since I was age 9 .. I’ve watched you from day one

and i have to say, it is absolutely amazing to see how far you have come. You are beautiful and VERY inspiring! Your

are amazing! Much love and support, 

Come back and make a video of you in your best lingerie 

I already know that because I have curly hair. With proper care, curly hair can be as strong as straight hair. And

that doesn’t make curly hair any less beautiful.

My favorite part was probably the stylist twerking… But just btw u look like an Asian kat dennings in this vid :)

hair color ideas   hair color ideas

Whennn are you gonna do the boyfriend taggg alreadyyy?!!!!!!):

Have you experienced Slim Body Maximizer? (Google it) It is a quick way to get rid of fat fast.

What is the hairstyle called?

can you do a hair colour tutorial, i want to change my hair colour and i don’t know which colour to choose, i have

pale skin and blue eyes and i want to know what hair colour to choose :)

hair color ideas   hair color ideas

michelle i wanna b like u even doe im really young i always dreamed i can find someone to help with skincare hair

nail and i have found the perfect person which is u lml i wish i can b as beautiful as u 😀 ily michelle <3 Please tell us more about your diet!! Whats it that you eat or drink everyday? About the detox drinks and green juice and how to do it or how it works?!! Please more about your diet and what you like doing! !!!! Beg you!! Love xoxo hair color ideas   hair color ideas

Please!!! Do a workout video! I’ve been trying to start working out lately and I’m REALLY interested and curious on

how do you workout and everything & ,you know, maybe it’ll motivate and stuff, so yeah, I beg of you, haha please do

the video x) :) !! ♡

I wish my hair would look good long like that, but it gets really poofy when i dry it from the shower

Can i ask u a question? Well i have super dark hair, what shade of brown is best for highlights that wont make my

hair turn red?

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