hair color trends

I love your hair! Your videos give me ideas how to do them even though I have no makeup. I still watch your videos.

They are just so great it’s so awesome when I started watching you ill keep watching your videos till the end. Idk

how I found you on YouTube! But I was so glad I found you on YouTube. It’s just thank you! You are just good at

makeup your like my master for makeup

Please Please Please do a video on weight loss tips or fitness and meal plan ideas…. I just started eating

healthier (had my 2nd baby 1 year ago) and I’m struggling BUT Determined :) I LOVE your videos you look AMAZING!!


hair color trends   hair color trends

im watching this….trying to figure out y ur so popular…no offense..ur very pretty snd sweet..i just dont get

all the hype.

Hey guys!! Could you come check out my channel? So far I’ve uploaded an elena Gilbert tutorial and a June favourites

video. I love the new hair Michelle it’s gorgeous!

Hi! I have a idea for your new video; Maybe can you explain how to look like Selina Gomez? Greets from me!

Boyfriend does one single video and will be rewarded with a trip to a freakin resort!

hair color trends   hair color trends

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You said that there would be a list of questions for us to answer? I would really like to do a video but if there

are particular things I need to say I would like to know… Thanks :)

Funny how I stumbled across this video right after I colored my own hair, it’s actually still wet from the shower

😀 :))

hey guys! I am a beauty guru with a passion for fashion!! please help me follow my dreams in giving girls

confidence through fahion, and check out my channel!! please please please help me achieve my goal of 300

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thank you for your time, and hope you guys like it! 

ooh I love it! i’ve had this hair color on my phone to show my hair stylist for a yr now, but I’m scared someone

will not do it the exact way that I want it

hair color trends   hair color trends

hair can definitely make a girl’s day. when i got my haircut, i felt so glad i made a change with my

hair! change maybe scary,but can also be good and beneficial for you. 

Hey, I have a suggestion if like how to recover from breaking up with a boy or how to dress and what to wear on a

date. Thanks so much. You’re an inspiration to us all.

I really don’t see a difference in her chin. It’s none of our business if she did get work done. I doubt it though.

Your chin looks more defined when you shed a few pounds or lose baby fat.

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