Hair color

Michelle, you’re sooooo beautiful and perfect :3

Hi, I noticed there was a lot of artfully smudged smoky eye make up this year for fall and I was wondering how I

could recreate that. I actually had a specific one in mind. This is going to sound weird because its on a guy but it

looks SO COOL and I really want to try it. So far no luck though. Maybe I’m using the wrong kind of makeup. Google

Images: Kim Junsu Elisabeth 2013. [He’s Korean with Raven spiked hair]. It looks like charcoal shadow, sort of

blown out at the inner and outer edges.

i wish u can share those drinks you say in your video i really wish u will share it ^^

hair colors   hair colors

One of my good friends was on that flight that was delayed 8 hours. Out of ATL right? Apparently you were sitting

next to Ludacris? Hahaha. She snuck a blurry photo as she was walking by Luda to get to her seat because everyone

was giving her crap and didn’t believe her. She posted it on Facebook and I didn’t even notice Ludacris, I was like,

“WAIT WHAT. That’s Michelle Phan next to him! WHAAAAAAT.” Super weird coincidence. Anywho, sorry your flight was

delayed so long. Love the new hair!

why did they delete the beautiful rose blush haircolor video? it was so beautiful! I’m fascinated with the guy tang

ombre videos even since

hair colors   hair colors

awh Guy Tang is amazing hairdresser…i wish i have someone like him in my area! ur hair is grjs love it 

I did not know you live in LA. That is really cool. Hopefully I get to see you around there one day. Your my

inspiration. Love everything about you and personality. Never change. Your so beautiful!

I love your hair! Unfortunately I can’t dye my hair bc I’m half west African / Swedish and my hair is really

sensitive :c

Ombre is just a fade from a darker color to lighter color and only in the ends of the hair. What Guy did was he

colored more hair closer to the face and when you go to the bottom, it’s not just a fade but it has some darker

pieces of hair too. 

hair colors   hair colors

the fact that you said Michelle is underweight without knowing her weight/height, metabolic rate, fitness

regimen/diet, and overall lifestyle shows how misguided you are.The standard BMI is even not reliable because it

doesn’t factor in metabolic rate.there is no single/ideal look for what “healthy” looks like.Just like calling a fat

girl overweight without knowing her medical history/lifestyle is insulting, the same goes for calling someone

underweight unnecessarily.respect is a two way street.

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