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The difference between the Holocaust and this reality GAME show, is that the woman in the Holocaust were forced to have their hair shaved. The girl in this

game show, has agreed to have her hair shaved. Nobody made her do it, she allowed herself to make that choice in hopes of money.

Ya no for sure, eating disgusting amounts of bugs and animal hearts and stuff is perfectly fine, but cutting hair is just WRONG! Jk I <3 u

easy hairstyles for short hair   easy hairstyles for short hair

shiit!….. i bet the final fear factor test was to drink all of the other guys piss, eat 5 tarantulas, shit them on your partners mouth and watch 2 girls 1

cup 5 times, while you eating.

‘No you don’t, Sigourney Weaver’s hot!’ …Dude. Why the fuck would you say that to a girl who’d just had her head buzzed on? Asshole.

easy hairstyles for short hair   easy hairstyles for short hair

i love how she was trying to tell herself the reasons its okay. and im just like.. no…

there was this fear factor game were the wheel would either land on tatto, tear gas or shaved head and this girl spun it and got the shaved head so wen

they asked her if she wanted to back out she said no cause she said “I wouldnt be setting a good example for my daughter and people who have cancer every day

and lose their hair every day.” so she went ahead shaving her whole head and eventualy won the game.

easy hairstyles for short hair   easy hairstyles for short hair

it takes a year to grow back moron, I wouldnt care either but atleast I can understand why a goodlooking girl would care.

its so weird how it’s just hair, yet it’s so sad D: it makes me wanna laugh and cry.

damn I wanted to see the rest of this.

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