hair style for long face women

about “hair style for long face women”

Missy Sue say:
Love this hairstyle and the tutorial is so easy to follow! Check out my version of this look! How to do a Waterfall Braid.
Lilli Danseglio say:
No offense but you don’t need to tell us how long it took you to do the hair style. I know you’re just trying to tell everyone how fast it is, but we all aren’t pro’s!!!
Daveanie Enriquez say:
Omg! Mindy how do u do ur hair like that it looks cute and i like tge puff. And does Kamri have natural highlights?

beautybabe27 say:
I took my friends hair in school (which she had in a ponytail) and did the ladder braid across the ponytail. Everyone loved it and I ended up having to it to almost all the girls in my school!
louisedawson73 say:
That’s awesome!! Thank you. I’m going to try this on my 6 year old daughter today, I hope it works for us. You make it look easy =) Your daughter is beautiful, she has your eyes.
Marissa Carson say:
Does anybody know which cute girls hairstyle would go best for a day at the beach in and out of the water? I want something that will stay. 

Kiko Moreno say:
I Rilly like the later braid dose it take time by doing the later braid or no but when you start dose it get hard by doing the later braid or how many hours dose the braid takes until you finish do you put hair spray until it drys or what do you put on your hair first.

Isha Schofield say:
I have hair down to the end of my rib cage so it’s real long but it was easy for me to do because I have African American hair so the hair doesn’t ‘slip’.
Vilaa BrownSW say:
can you PLEASE make a tutorial on this exact hairstyle on how to do it on your own hair ? PLEASE I need this hairstyle for the first day of school .
acesa2 say:
Instead of feathering the bottom piece of the braid, I add a piece to the top part of the braid. Then I braid it put leave the added pieces out and it looks like a feathered lace braid.

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