hair style for long face women

about “hair style for long face women”

Durria Ghayas say:
I like all your hair style, I like the way you grap the strands of braid and hold it .please teach you move your finger to hold them .being a mom I can’t handle my daughter’s hair.i always keep trying, but I can’t use my fingers to hold them
Quintavia “Dadondiva” Brown say:
Girl yes that’s a cute hair style I wish you was my stylist because sometimes my stylist be acting like she don’t know what she talking about! I’m gon talk to her about this because it like this hairstyle but she said she don’t know anything about that so, i’ll let you know what she said!
Adriana Das say:
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Dream Big Stop Wishing Start Doing say:
Love this look and really easy to do going to do it for school tomorrow :) going to do it with wavey hair :) 

Sadie Nilsson say:
The older videos of cutegirlshairstyles are much more comforting to me.. the music, the way the music goes on and on throughout the video, and most of all, the awesomeness of you guys!!!!! Not that you guys are not still awesome, but you have changed. For better, not for worse!!!!!!!!!!! But I’d love it if you go back to your older music.. especially this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Sadie, your biggest (not meant to start an argument!) fan!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shuma Islamm say:
hi Cute Girls Hairstyles i love your channel and i also love Brooklyn and Baileys channel x 
TheRealJSommer say:
Haha a friend of mine did this to my hair, when we were waiting at a dance competition 😀 i totally loved it! Btw if you want to check her out, she has an ig account it’s @braiding_witch 

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