haircut_casual updos for short hair

her hair looks like straw well at least it has the time to recover esh her hair is horrible

1:01 that defeats the whole purpose of getting the money

well to be fair, you are a guy (i’m assuming from your name). my aunt has cancer and in the past couple weeks her hair has fallen out too. she didn’t cry

because of the hair itself, she cried because it was a realization that it’s all really happening. i don’t blame her.
you need to chill out. nobody wants to hear your story if you’re just gonna be a hard-ass. 
casual updos for short hair   casual updos for short hair

i’ve shaved my haur for children with leucemia and i can tell you that it is a haaard time for a women….i was also saying “it,s just hair” till i got them

took off and…that is really horrible for a women…i lost friends and you feel so like…not beautiful that way…for real i can TOTALLY understand her for

tearing <3 Only in North America is cutting your hair an extreme fear. I wouldnt give two fucks how they cut my hair for money. Maybe if the hair is in the shape of a penis, I'd say no.  fuck you 'jakthesmack' im just not gonna spend my time crying over losing my hair id rather spend my time doing more important things by the way losing your hair is just as bad for a guy as it is for a girl cus you cant control it boy or girl cancer sucks but you just have to deal with it i would beg to differ on that. the way i see women, eyes are the biggest thing, then smile, and hair is barely an afterthought. i honestly couldn't really care less about hair on a girl. it doesn't have an effect on how cute she looks to me.  casual updos for short hair   casual updos for short hair

Ben is my brother in law :)

you didn’t lose friends, you lost people you thought were friends. if they left because of that, good riddance. you shouldn’t want people that superficial

as friends. 

casual updos for short hair   casual updos for short hair

I see what you did there… You made your YouTube profile sexually ambiguous so when you make comments it’s tough for people to say anything back – because

they’re not sure ‘what’ they’re responding to.

she looks beautiful with short hair 

You’re a liar then. Studies show that women are 5x more like to date a man with hair, than a balding one. Imagine how much worse the stats are for bald

women. Yeah, studies agree with me. Even if you would date a bald woman, you are one of a few. The truth is: I’m right. The VAST MAJORITY of men will not

date a bald woman.

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