hairstyles for long curly hair

about “hairstyles for long curly hair”

tboostbug say:
I love this! My niece is getting married tomorrow, and I will try this with all of the hair up. Thank you!

watchila say:
Very beautiful hairstyles. Plus, I just discovered you have a FRENCH channel, too. Pas mal, bravo pour tous ces efforts :) you rock, Lilith Moon 😉 (y)

Rocio Estrella Salasar Sanches Salasar Sanches say:
Lo que pienso es lo mas importante y lo que tu por tu obra de arte de escribir rápido espero poder conoserte mas ADIOS.

hairstyles for long curly hair   hairstyles for long curly hair

OswaldsNightingale say:
Finally, someone who understands how to do this hairstyle for real! Thank you for the tutorial! I need to get better at french braiding before I do this though lol.. Also, I love your accent, are you from Sweden?

Renee Wolf say:
You just earned a new subscriber! 😀 Your my favortie youtuber to go for hairstyles, they are all so beautiful!!!!

Julia Calli say:
I love your name sooo much and it is remarkable how much u look like elsa.

hairstyles for long curly hair   hairstyles for long curly hair

shavi Sharma say:
Awsome hair style,, nd u r also so gorgeous like fairies :-)

Ana Gameiro say:
Thats the best Elsa’s hair style tutorial ever!! Just perfect! Congrats 😇

Kiara Yarisma say:
I love your videos, I’ve done some just seeing hairstyles because I can not understand anything you say, I do not speak Inglés, I used the google translator to write this comment.

I am from Dominican Republic, I speak Spanish. Keep watching your videos are great.

hairstyles for long curly hair   hairstyles for long curly hair

Renee Hutchins say:
I like both. Very pretty…..I can’t wait to try it. You are very pretty with gorgeous eyes! You look young but your voice sounds older….not at all what I would expect. Love the video.

poonam sharma say:
You are so beautiful lilith moon…loved ur hairstyles..and the way u teach ya..

Roos Rommens (RoseRathbone) say:
I haven’t seen your videos in a long time, I used to watch every single one of your videos a long time ago. I’m so glad I started watching you again. The quality of your videos has really improved and you are still insanely talented :3 I am proud of you and thank you for making these tutorials ♡

katey may say:
Do you have a video on how to do Anna’s coronation hairstyle? If not, i would absolutely LOVE if you would make it! 

Ashley Gwynn say:
Wow !!!! You’re the only person on youtube who can pull it off! Amazing.

irfan mughal say:
I love u r hair style I tryed it out and it did not go that quite we,all caused I tryed it bye my self and the thing is I’m a kid so keep that in mid my name is Julia please answer .

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