´╗┐ hairstyles for long hair with bangs short hairstyles|short haircuts

hairstyles for long hair with bangs

about “hairstyles for long hair with bangs”

Hajer Altenaiji say:
I love all the hair style u r doing .. such an amazing n clear video .. thanks for your efforts .

Kym Flanagan say:
Moon this tutorial is brilliant!!!!! 😘 I wish I could do my hair like you!!!!! You are so beautiful ­čśë this hairstyles so much better than Elsas!

hairstyles for long hair with bangs   hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Tiina Wiik say:
I love both of those looks. Hadn’t come to think that the fishtail could be made like that too, it came out really beautiful. I use extensions for these big braids too, the Finnish hair type just isn’t thick enough even if I added a huge amount of volume products. Sometimes it gives me trouble that the ends of my own hair pop up in some part because they’re shortes, but I noticed that an easy way to fix it is to just pull the ends in the braid/bun with a crochet hook when doing the finishing touches.´╗┐

suellen langortt say:
her hairstyle very beautiful, and very similar to the Elsa´╗┐.

hairstyles for long hair with bangs   hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Greta P. say:
your tutorials on Elsa hair are the best on the internet! they REALLY look like Elsa’s hair i mean :) thank you for your brilliant videos, I’m gonna try most of your braids´╗┐.

ayat shadab say:
You are soo pretty! I watch all your videos and try all your hairstyles :). Ur hairstyles are always awesome . ´╗┐

Caitlin McDougall say:
I love it!! It is easy for me to do on my own hair and I’m only 12! ´╗┐

hairstyles for long hair with bangs   hairstyles for long hair with bangs

loveli90 say:
I love your hair videos! Where did you put the first braid when you braided the long one at the end? Did you secure it with the hair at the opposite side? Thank you :)´╗┐

Teresa Perez say:
I love doing a lot of different braids and hairstyles on my daughters hair and they look so pretty .´╗┐

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