hairstyles for long straight hair

neha k say:
left right…left-right….hmm…I dont think I can ever do it….I have beautiful,long hair…but very bad at doing UPDO…someone help….

Atreyee Chakraborty say:
This is actually the perfect elsa bun…i’ve seen a lot of tutorials for this hairstyle untill i came across this :) u’re amazing thank you….

Tatyana “Sentinora” Yanovich say:
Well, your version of this hairstyle is the best by far, others always demand teasing for volume, which I hate) 

hairstyles for long straight hair   hairstyles for long straight hair

Bipasha Dey say:
This one was oh So Pretty :) I just loved this one. I’m a huge fan of Elsa AND Anna and your’s too. I love all the hairstyles you teach and try them out. Thank you so much for this. #ThankYouLilithMoon 

Pooja Potdar say:
You look like a pretty vampire here donno why
The way you work with hair is magic i love watching you though i cant recreate any of the hairstyles:p

Natalie Forslind say:
Love this hairstyle. Gonna try it tomorrow! 

Bhavneet Kaur say:
Heya, could you please do a hair tutorial on Rosamund Pike’s hair styles in wrath of the titans. I love it. I looks so pretty but I don’t know how to do it.

hairstyles for long straight hair   hairstyles for long straight hair

Zalak Patel say:
This is the best Elsa inspired hair tutorial I have seen!!! Love your work!! 

Saiyara Nayeem say:
OMG…. It was fabulous….. Seriously I love all ur hairstyles….. Bt unfortunately I have small hair so I can’t do this… So can u pls make a video for short step cut hairstyles…????? I’ll be waiting for ur answer….
Love u!!!!

Claire Grant say:
I like the Elsa braid a lot! You kinda look like Elsa with the platinum hair.

hairstyles for long straight hair   hairstyles for long straight hair

nicoleasarous say:
I love your tutorials, you’re so specific and you walk us through each step very slowly and carefully, which is awesome for someone like me who isn’t very talented with any kind of hairstyle!

ShabrinaZ say:
i love your channel, so straight forward without spending too much minutes on small talks or any other unnecessary scene. so much to learn from just one video.

Lilith please do more tutorial on friend or your relative that is dark haired.
i really adore every hairstyle you do on you, but when i do it on mine, it is almost not visible, sometimes it looks just like a mess eventhough i did it neatly.
please do some hairstyle that will suit on dark hair

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