how to style long hair men

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leah davis say:
Hi guys I’m such a fan of your videos. My favourite hairstyle out of all of your videos is the ladder braid. Uptown funk you up. Sorry I’m gone crazy🌀bonkers🌀mad🌀Leah on the loose. I’m in love with your vidvids (videos)!!!
mirziyob say:
yes! i had a friend who did it on her sister for her graduation and actually had to undo it several times until she got it right! mindy is just really skillful or maybe her daughter’s hair is just really easy to work on lol :) i think it’s a bit of both.
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perfectangels say:
beautiful very beautiful. can u do an easy hair style because sometime it’s very hard for me to do most of the hair you do !!!…
Rebecca Hernandez say:
Always like your videos! But I couldn’t see the exact method due to the camera angle. (Hands blocked your method) do you have a revised video or reference I can go by? Beautiful work like always :-)

LaLa Capeles say:
I would love this in my hair. But I need a video on how to do simple hairstyles on ones self because I have no one but me here to do my own.

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