korean hair style female

about “korean hair style female”

Kid Buu say:
Damn you make it look so easy :(. Kind of a stupid question but how long did it take you to get as good as you are at styling hair?

Elmira Rose say:
I used this on my neices hair. Although I found it difficult because her hair is just above her shoulders and layered. But I still manages to make it work. Do you have a tutorial for short layered hair? Really love your tutorials.
myBquest say:
AWWW I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!! almost 1 year ago the “in style” was short hair, I really wanted to have short hair but later I regret because the last time my hairstylist cutted my hair it was a disaster (I was like a tomboy, like a big bowl in my head. So now I have long hair and the fu”#$%g braids are in. Now I know I,m lucky, you still can wear extensions, just try it or let it grows. You never know, maybe in christmas the new hairstyle will be half shaved head…

Daydreamer say:
This is a great video! Love this hairstyle! also…I just thought I’d let all of you viewers know that my new video on “braided summer up do” is now up! check it out!
Marius Barbu say:
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anish shrestha say:
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anjan shrestha say:
God. I’m jealous of my brother’s friend. He has been alone endlessly. By some luck, he’s got a model to love him in weeks. How can that be actually manageable? He smiled and told me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone wonderful told me they loved me… I can’t recall ever before seeing him so fulfilled. Kind of makes me frustrated.
Ava C. say:
My hair is brown, very straight, and thick. My mom saids my hair is perfect for hairstyles , and boy is she right! New hair tutorial up on my channel today. watch it!

Aubrey Cullins say:
This is beautiful but kind of hard to do on myself lol!

I would love if you checked out my most recent video and subscribed to my channel if you like what you see!
Joke Vermanen say:
I’ve done it with my 5 year old daughter and it looks amazing! I can’t do it with my own hair (to short ánd RSI in both arms :( )
It took me 10 minutes but only because she wouldn’t sit still and I had to start over 3 times! I’ve done it a bit different because I had to make sure her hair doesn’t hang in her eyes but you’ve inspired me!

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