long haircuts

50 GRAND?! Are you KIDDING me? It’s just hair! It was free! It’s not like you paid for it, and you’ll get it BACK! 50 thousand dollars is 2 years of college

for one of my kids. I’m all over that TWICE!

+TheBerkeleyBeauty i really dont care…u have kids?

long haircuts,long hair cuts   long haircuts,long hair cuts

That’s crazy to me. No judgement though. To each his/her own. I’ve cut all my hair off a couple of times for Locks of Love and so has my daughter, so it

doesn’t really mean that much to me . . . plus I’m far from rich, so giving up a head of free hair for 50 thousand dollars is a no brainer for me. I guess I

get how some people wouldn’t agree though. You must have incredibly beautiful hair.

Yes, I have a daughter that just finished her freshman year in college, and a son who’s about to begin his. 

long haircuts,long hair cuts   long haircuts,long hair cuts

+TheBerkeleyBeauty oh…yeah I have long brown hair

+TheBerkeleyBeauty What does that mean, when people say it will grow back? what about a dude, or dudette who is going bald or has male pattern baldness or

“female pattern baldness”, it won’t grow back for them. It amazes me how uneducated most americans or in general North Americans are. They stole our land,

and have made a mess of the area completely!!

+xhemexx Listen, whatever hair you had when you shave it will grow back the way it was before you shaved it.. If you have a certain pattern of baldness

before you shave your head, you’ll have the same pattern of baldness when it comes back.
You completely lost me with that other comment. 

long haircuts,long hair cuts   long haircuts,long hair cuts

+xhemexx Britney Spears went bald before but I think it took her 2 or 3 years to grow her hair back. I would never try that at all to be honest.

For 25grand and still in competition unknown if they will win that money? Stupidest decision, shows how desperate people will do for money. They look like

they don’t need it any ways unless it was for charity.

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