loreal hair color

Besides the obvious eat fruits and veggies and exercise, which my grandparents force me to do except im not allowed

to go outside at all right now, do drinking protein shakes help?
im 13 years old and i weigh 110 pounds- help me please, blogilates healthy eating for the past month has made me

gain weight-nyagggh~!

Lovely new hair colour and really nice video overall! Was nice hearing you talk all personal to us again. :)

Yes, it’s ‘ombre’. But it’s done with a purpose that most of these popular ombre styles lack. As she says, the

contrast helps to frame her face.

loreal hair color   loreal hair color

Michelle is not advocating “fast results” in any way. How fast weight is lost varies from person to person and

depends on several factors. Two people can follow the same excersice/diet plan and still lost weight differently.

You may have her body type but you don’t have her metabolism, genetics, and fitness regimen so this “truth” you

mentioned is misconstrued.

Stay real. You’re great now. I just finished watching Miley’s new music video. God Michelle, please don’t change. I

love your energy and confidence now. You’re amazing! Such a role model. 

loreal hair color   loreal hair color

The truth is, when a skinny girl becomes even skinnier it is not healthy. I understand there is metabolism and

genetics but there is also the standard weight verses height ratio, and I gaurantee you Michelle is under weight.

Yes she looks gorgeous and perfect, but “healthy” does not make you look like that. Take a fitness instructor or

nutritionist they are not thin. They have muscle and would never get into a size 0. Unless you were born stickly

thin, you will NEVER be stickly thin.

Thats exactly how i wanted my hair, but i did mine form a box (Wild Ombre). Didnt work out, the front part is

lighter than the back :/

Could you do a Kate upton makeup tutorial I can’t find any good ones on YouTube and your just so amazing at being

able to figure it out

loreal hair color   loreal hair color

i damaged my hair so much because i have dyed it a lot and i wanted to go for a ombre look like yours :) so i just

dyed hair extensions and made a video tutorial. 

Love your hair. Please do tutorial on how to make juices.

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