medium haircuts

i will inter the fear factor UK. SEE U SOON

Is this woman a devil she was laughing omg I would not do this but if I was forced to I think the worlds largest river would be made

I think its kinda unfair the other girls didn’t do the haircut. There should of being a rule, if the other girls didn’t do it the girl who did get the

haircut should of received the other girls money.

Dude it’s just hair, who cares if it looks stupid at first, just shave it all off and it grows out to a reasonable length within about a month. And if

you’re that worried and vain about your appearance just wear a wig.

+maerwynn Agreed though I don’t get my hair trimmed often I usually have my mom trim it just a little bit once a year or twice a month.

Im a 13 year old girl who likes getting my hair colored and cut just getting my har done in general and i have to say seeing this is inspiring and its made

me feel like hey hair isnt that big of a deal. People are saying they would do for a million or billion dollars and to be honest i would do it for ten

dollars. This lady is very brave and excuse my french but the other lady is a bitch.

medium haircuts,medium hair cuts   medium haircuts,medium hair cuts

I don’t like haircuts Bob haircut is not pretty because people don’t like it why would do that you is scared to do it dont get it please don’t do it thank


The girl in orange ends up landing on bald and she quit (just googled fear factor barbershop and watched)

medium haircuts,medium hair cuts   medium haircuts,medium hair cuts

The people are consenting! It’s not like they are forcing the contestants to do this stuff!

I really hate society’s standards about hair. Like I wish people thought about how hair is useless and pointless rather than necessary and beautiful 

… I shaved my hair because I wanted a change. I watch this and think what’s wrong with people ? I shaved it when I graduated high school, to show to

myself that all those years of superficial standards and the social torment based on physical appearance was shallow and pointless. Hair is just hair. For

some it may be there security blanket, there one feature they love, or just another way to show that your ‘normal’ to societies standards. It’s our actions

that define us, not our appearance, not our body shape, not our tattoos, and defiantly not our hair. We need to become reattached with what matters.

medium haircuts,medium hair cuts   medium haircuts,medium hair cuts

For some people hair isn’t “just hair” and it’s not about looking normal or whatever society standards are…. For some people hair is the only the thing

they like about themselves(like me for example)it’s like some people love their eye colour so they just post pictures of their eyes…hair can make a woman

feel better about her face like when my friend got bangs she actually started to think she looked pretty and she had a positive attitude towards herself.

Basically even tho hair is just hair for someone people it’s something that makes them feel themselves and when they do a complicated hairstyle that looks

really pretty they feel confident in themselves. So yeah even tho hair is just hair to u it’s much more to others. It’s like clothes, they make us who we are

they show our personalities and they can make us feel good about ourselves. I’m glad to u shaving it off meant a lot to u but please understand why some

women have became “attached” to that feature(-because it makes them more confident)

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