medium length haircuts

I don’t understand the fear in that?! Simply shave ur head after the show is done then wear a binny while waiting for ur hair to grow bck, then u can decide

whether u want Rihanna’s hairstyle or simply grow it long like normal, I don’t get scare tactic behind this challenge lol

NO! NO! You can drench me in goat blood, have spiders crawl on my body, or even make me banzai skydive, but I have LIMITATIONS on my hair. It took this damn

long to grow it so majestic and I wouldn’t risk the hair cut for a slight chance at a fat stack of cash!

Does anyone find this scary and somewhat very creepy? I’m sorry I wouldn’t cut my hair for 25,000 grand that’s chump change. FOR 1 MILLION YESS!!!!

+gtovaurslfB Right, and that one comment you had to be offensive. Thanks for those generous words of yours~! -.-

Huh? 25K for something that will grow back in a few month? I would have don’t it for a lot less than that.

What the hell America? This is entertainment? In England this would be horrifying, why would you want to do something so stupid? I’m genuinely disappointed

in how the human race has evolved. Oh and I swear if I get one more weird reply from some Jesus freak saying ‘WE WERE PUT HERE IN THE LORDS IMAGE ONLY’ im

gonna flip out.

this is what society has done. The poor girl was crying at the end because she was then afraid of what people were going to think about her. Can you not see

that everyday we judge someone harshly. No matter who it is, if we know them or not, we judge AT LEAST one person a day. And someone judges you. Doesn’t that

make you sad?

Why is every female in the comments batshit crazy?
Wouldn’t do it for… 10 grand, 20 grand, whatever.
I know people who would cut your throat for that cash, and you won’t even remove your hair for it?

Honestly, imo she looked better in the After than the Before for some reason. :) I wish I can pull that off but nope…. Anyways, she has a sweet brother,

i wonder what hair style he got… 

medium length haircuts,medium length hair cuts   medium length haircuts,medium length hair cuts

There is a good thing about shaving your head. because if you tell yourself that there are ALOT of women that have cancer and what kind of a person would

you be if you taught girls that hair is everything when some women don’t have hair.

Just shave the rest when you get home then by a wig

It’s ONLY hair & a game. It would be so sad if she lost her hair to cancer. She is still pretty & it’s for a ton of money! Did she even win?? I would wear

hats all the time until it grew out evenly. 

medium length haircuts,medium length hair cuts   medium length haircuts,medium length hair cuts

The is crazy because she is laughing while her hair is getting cut

It would take more than 25000 for me to do any of those hairstyles. It would take at least a million. Hell, there won’t be much of that 25000 left after

taxes anyway. It’s just not worth losing your hair. Women identify with their hair.

Looks like she was going insane when they started shaving her head with that laughter and crying at the same time.. I wonder how is she doing after that.

What an ugly hairstyle hahaha anything for the money!

medium length haircuts,medium length hair cuts   medium length haircuts,medium length hair cuts

She looks beautiful in spite of it, and she’ll look gorgeous once the show is over and she can shave it down to one uniform look. So really, it was only one

day of looking silly. You could tell she’d also look good with really short hair, and it was something she probably would never have tried. So it actually

was likely a good thing for her overall. Realizing you can still feel attractive and empowered as a woman without long hair is a big thing.

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