mens hairstyles for round faces

I disagree. I have a diamond shape face and I shouldn’t have hair covering my cheekbones. I have high apple-like

cheekbones, which I consider one of my best features. I love having dramatic side bangs or straight bangs to cover

my forehead, which is really just too small to look normal.

when I was in elementary school, kids would bully me because I had a strong jaw line and my cheek bones stick out a

lot further than normal. and no I get much more compliments on it.
although I don’t like how I look haha, thank you this video helped a lot xx.

I will find out what shape my face is and what hair cut would look best. Thanks for sharing this video.

would you suggest baby bangs for a heart shaped face? i have been wearing side swept bangs and they look flattering

but frankly im bored of them and i want a change. i know bangs cut off the face but do you think baby bangs would

still be cute for a heart shaped face?

menshairstylesforroundfaces,men shaircuts for round faces   menshairstylesforroundfaces,men shaircuts for round faces

OMG I’m a round diamond I think haha, had never heard of the diamond before now and makes me feel better. with some

weight loss hopefully I can be a proper ‘diamond’ I’ve always been annoyed that my forehead goes a bit more narrow

and wonder would adjusting my hairline to widen the edges somehow change what face shape I am or just look stupid


Great video thanks!… Im curious, if u guys spent $130 for getting ur hair dye n cut to ur style n turned out

great!… How much would u TIP ur stylist??

menshairstylesforroundfaces,men shaircuts for round faces   menshairstylesforroundfaces,men shaircuts for round faces

I personally like exaggerating square shape of my face so I think pixies are the way to go :)

I love your channel it’s amazing and your hair color is awesome I still wanna have a great color and I am still

fighting to get it withmy black hair :(

My hair is so poofy and wavy but I want my hair permanently straight without any chemicals? Are there any products

that will straighten my hair of make my hair less poofy. My hair is also kind of thick.

Am I the only one thinking that these cant be the only shapes?!
My forehead’s like the diamond but my jaw/chin isn’t at all.
I have wide cheeks but my jaw isn’t that harsh for it to be a square.
I would go for the round but my face has way more detail than that, more like a Heptagon but a bit longer.
But definitely not!

You’re make up is so pretty, and how do you have so white teeth??
And your eyes looks really big, but I dont know if you have big eyes or normal eyes. I think I have the same size on

my eyes as you but your eyelashes makes them look really big x.

I have an oval face and since “everything looks good on oval faces” I’m having a hard time deciding what my new

glasses should look like and stuff xD.

menshairstylesforroundfaces,men shaircuts for round faces   menshairstylesforroundfaces,men shaircuts for round faces

My only disagreement is that most of the people who have these face shapes can get short hair cuts like the pixie

cut it really just depends on the person. This was a little too broad for my liking but you were very informative

and did a good job on quality of the video.

I have a mix between oval and heart shape and I love it! My mom has a square face and when I was younger I had a

square I don’t know why it changed so dramatically.

I have the square shaped face and just before watching this video I got a pixie cut. Well done me (sarcasm). At

least it will grow back, my hair grows fast. I cut my hair 4 months ago now and my hair has already grown to 1cm

above my shoulder. 

im not sure if i have a round or heart shaped face, many people say i have a round face, but when i draw my face

shape on the mirror it doesnt appear to be fully rounded, it’s somewhat like a heart shape. I’m so confused =/

well i think i have that perfect round face because when every one see me for the first time they say i have a round

and completly round face so yeah there are amazing perfect round faces!

what is a good style for someone with a big forehead, without using bangs? I had bangs for 10 years and was never

really fond of them. but it seems that the only way to nicely conceal my forehead is with them.

My hairdresser just told me I have an almond shape face. I have never heard of an almond shape. Any hair cut Idea’s

for an almond shape?? Honestly I always thought I had an oblong face shape. I feel like I am all chin and cheeks.

with length. OMG! What a description LOL!!

I think it would likely be a heart shape,because almonds have a pointy bottom.Almonds are close to a heart

shape,just without the two bumps on top.(I tried my best not to say butt). (Sorry for my immaturity)😂

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