hairstyles for long curly hair

about “hairstyles for long curly hair”

tboostbug say:
I love this! My niece is getting married tomorrow, and I will try this with all of the hair up. Thank you!

watchila say:
Very beautiful hairstyles. Plus, I just discovered you have a FRENCH channel, too. Pas mal, bravo pour tous ces efforts :) you rock, Lilith Moon 😉 (y)

Rocio Estrella Salasar Sanches Salasar Sanches say:
Lo que pienso es lo mas importante y lo que tu por tu obra de arte de escribir rápido espero poder conoserte mas ADIOS.

hairstyles for long curly hair   hairstyles for long curly hair

OswaldsNightingale say:
Finally, someone who understands how to do this hairstyle for real! Thank you for the tutorial! I need to get better at french braiding before I do this though lol.. Also, I love your accent, are you from Sweden?

Renee Wolf say:
You just earned a new subscriber! 😀 Your my favortie youtuber to go for hairstyles, they are all so beautiful!!!!

Julia Calli say:
I love your name sooo much and it is remarkable how much u look like elsa.

hairstyles for long curly hair   hairstyles for long curly hair

shavi Sharma say:
Awsome hair style,, nd u r also so gorgeous like fairies :-)

Ana Gameiro say:
Thats the best Elsa’s hair style tutorial ever!! Just perfect! Congrats 😇

Kiara Yarisma say:
I love your videos, I’ve done some just seeing hairstyles because I can not understand anything you say, I do not speak Inglés, I used the google translator to write this comment.

I am from Dominican Republic, I speak Spanish. Keep watching your videos are great.

hairstyles for long curly hair   hairstyles for long curly hair

Renee Hutchins say:
I like both. Very pretty…..I can’t wait to try it. You are very pretty with gorgeous eyes! You look young but your voice sounds older….not at all what I would expect. Love the video.

poonam sharma say:
You are so beautiful lilith moon…loved ur hairstyles..and the way u teach ya..

Roos Rommens (RoseRathbone) say:
I haven’t seen your videos in a long time, I used to watch every single one of your videos a long time ago. I’m so glad I started watching you again. The quality of your videos has really improved and you are still insanely talented :3 I am proud of you and thank you for making these tutorials ♡

katey may say:
Do you have a video on how to do Anna’s coronation hairstyle? If not, i would absolutely LOVE if you would make it! 

Ashley Gwynn say:
Wow !!!! You’re the only person on youtube who can pull it off! Amazing.

irfan mughal say:
I love u r hair style I tryed it out and it did not go that quite we,all caused I tryed it bye my self and the thing is I’m a kid so keep that in mid my name is Julia please answer .

prom hairstyles for long hair

about “prom hairstyles for long hair”

Chloe Day say:
Me and my sister Jasmyne like it because when you do the french plate in your hair like Elsa’s it looked very very very very bautiful by the way whitch is so so so so so so so so so so bautiful.

Lena Ramsamuj say:
I love your version of this hairstyle the most because it closely resembles Elsa’s hairstyle and its so beautiful and wearable 

Mari Ja say:
im sorry for this questions. .but why are u fake smiling? its horrible :(

formal hairstyles for long hair   formal hairstyles for long hair

Miss Chine say:
Really nice hair style! Thanks for sharing!

Coco nut say:

Jillian Sanders say:
You literally saved my prom night because the other hairstyle kept falling down and i was in a rush to find another perfect hairdo. This was amazing thank u

formal hairstyles for long hair   formal hairstyles for long hair

Mir Gaming (Mirdrawing) say:
Omggggg love this! You should play elsa in the musicals! 

whataboutredlorry say:
I like how fishtail braids look, but I hate how long they take. I can never be bothered doing a long one. :< formal hairstyles for long hair   formal hairstyles for long hair

Anuja Ghosh say:
Can you please tell me how to get rid of dandruff? I’m from India(love your tutorials) and i have this frizz hair + dandruff problem ever since my teenage years. I’ve tried lemon juice with coconut oil and also curd with honey but none of them seemed to work. Can you please make a video on this?

Thatgirl345 say:
Me too. Have you tried ACV rinse?
They say it helps but i haven’t tried yet.

Allison Is My Middle Name say:
side swept braid. I’m so trying that.

Sonal Das say:
Love this hairstyle can u tell , about how you can style your bangs.

easy hairstyles for long hair

Maria Marquez say:
You look like my Grade 9 Science teacher. The weird thing is that she was Russian, too. I love your tutorials!

Elvira Massa say:
You explain it brilliantly!!! So good!

aishk raut say:
u n your hairstyles are awesome I tried many of u r hairstyles and I was successful in it u r my hairstyle guru plz give my reply

easy hairstyles for long hair   easy hairstyles for long hair

Éireann Mc say:
omg thank you so much! I only had to watch this tutorial once then on the third attempt I mastered it! 😄

freebird16599 say:
Lilith dear, this is the best tutorial for braiding/hair styling that I have ever come across! Thank you so much for this, you are a wonderful teacher! :) Beautiful

easy hairstyles for long hair   easy hairstyles for long hair

thana say:
I like your hairstyles and you are so pretty.😄💁 

Su Mie Tamang say:
Thnx a lot for teaching to make this mind blowing hair style :)

Tessa Shelton say:
One of the best fishtail and French fishtail tutorials I’ve seen on YouTube! Well done!

Jennifer Birch say:
Love the last hair styleeee. Muust master this!!! 

easy hairstyles for long hair   easy hairstyles for long hair

Jessica Gillim say:
this is gorgeous ugh. i just uploaded my first hair tutorial so if you want to, feel free to check it out :)

gaelvain say:
OMG in the beginning it was so difficult but the result is just awesome :)

ping cai 5say:
My favorite is the first and last and by the way I’m a girl not a boy…a daughter. Plus I am 8 years old

Jem Ivers say:
I am terrible at doing hair, I mean really bad i can do a simple basic plait (braid), a bun and a ponytail. My daughter had to dress up as a book character and she chose elsa so thank you for making such a simple tutorial that looks really good :-)

uzma amir say:
this is the closes tutorial fir elsas hair!!😘

cute hairstyles for long hair

about “cute hairstyles for long hair”;

Sternenpfluckerin say:
I did this on my sisters hair for the wedding of her boyfriends sister. She got lots of compliments for her hair :) Thank you for inspiring us!

Katie Hefferman say:
today was my first day of school and u really helped me to do my hair thanks xx

cute hairstyles for long hair   cute hairstyles for long hair

Katie Kendall say:

Hana Ibrahim say:
what is name of this plexus ??

Emilee Aldridge say:
if you don’t already have those face-framing pieces of hair….how could you cut them?

cute hairstyles for long hair   cute hairstyles for long hair

shivani patel say:
how do u put ur extensions in ur hair pls show????I dint get it…..

Asja R. 2say:
So beautiful! Queen Elsa will forever be my favorite Disney character.

Jennifer Lynn Drew Barajas say:
I love how it came out. I also like how you take your time to explain it so nicely for all of us that need a little more information until we get it right.

cute hairstyles for long hair   cute hairstyles for long hair

nancy albania campo say:
Me parecio muy bonita la trenza solo hasta el bollito porque esa trenza de hay para abajo noooooo es muy orrible y perdonen que lo diga

Mira Hnaif say:
it’s amazing hairstyle ..I will try to do it..I hope to lock good 😍

bridal hairstyles for long hair

baout “bridal hairstyles for long hair”

Coopdizzle say:
My friend is part of the sister duo for parties ad pics. I sent this to her for her friend who plays Elsa. You are so good with hair. 

Lilith Moon say:
+Coopdizzle thank you so much! <3 1 bridal hairstyles for long hair   bridal hairstyles for long hair

Aniqah Hussain 11say:
+Lilith Moon may i ask a question are u italian because i cant figure out you accent?

Lilith Moon say:
+Aniqah Hussain My accent’s Russian :) x

bridal hairstyles for long hair   bridal hairstyles for long hair

Aniqah Hussain say:
+Lilith Moon im so happy u replied your hairstyles are amazing and ur accent is beautful!😍 ur my fave youtuber!!

bridal hairstyles for long hair   bridal hairstyles for long hair

Samantha A. say:
+Lilith Moon OMG I AM PART RUSSIN i am a girl lol

Pugsley and Unicorn! 6say:
+Lilith Moon I am russian too my mom always does ur hairstyles on my hair .I love ur videos.

korean hair style female

about “korean hair style female”

Kid Buu say:
Damn you make it look so easy :(. Kind of a stupid question but how long did it take you to get as good as you are at styling hair?

Elmira Rose say:
I used this on my neices hair. Although I found it difficult because her hair is just above her shoulders and layered. But I still manages to make it work. Do you have a tutorial for short layered hair? Really love your tutorials.
myBquest say:
AWWW I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!! almost 1 year ago the “in style” was short hair, I really wanted to have short hair but later I regret because the last time my hairstylist cutted my hair it was a disaster (I was like a tomboy, like a big bowl in my head. So now I have long hair and the fu”#$%g braids are in. Now I know I,m lucky, you still can wear extensions, just try it or let it grows. You never know, maybe in christmas the new hairstyle will be half shaved head…

Daydreamer say:
This is a great video! Love this hairstyle! also…I just thought I’d let all of you viewers know that my new video on “braided summer up do” is now up! check it out!
Marius Barbu say:
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anish shrestha say:
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anjan shrestha say:
God. I’m jealous of my brother’s friend. He has been alone endlessly. By some luck, he’s got a model to love him in weeks. How can that be actually manageable? He smiled and told me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone wonderful told me they loved me… I can’t recall ever before seeing him so fulfilled. Kind of makes me frustrated.
Ava C. say:
My hair is brown, very straight, and thick. My mom saids my hair is perfect for hairstyles , and boy is she right! New hair tutorial up on my channel today. watch it!

Aubrey Cullins say:
This is beautiful but kind of hard to do on myself lol!

I would love if you checked out my most recent video and subscribed to my channel if you like what you see!
Joke Vermanen say:
I’ve done it with my 5 year old daughter and it looks amazing! I can’t do it with my own hair (to short ánd RSI in both arms :( )
It took me 10 minutes but only because she wouldn’t sit still and I had to start over 3 times! I’ve done it a bit different because I had to make sure her hair doesn’t hang in her eyes but you’ve inspired me!

hair style for long face women

about “hair style for long face women”

Missy Sue say:
Love this hairstyle and the tutorial is so easy to follow! Check out my version of this look! How to do a Waterfall Braid.
Lilli Danseglio say:
No offense but you don’t need to tell us how long it took you to do the hair style. I know you’re just trying to tell everyone how fast it is, but we all aren’t pro’s!!!
Daveanie Enriquez say:
Omg! Mindy how do u do ur hair like that it looks cute and i like tge puff. And does Kamri have natural highlights?

beautybabe27 say:
I took my friends hair in school (which she had in a ponytail) and did the ladder braid across the ponytail. Everyone loved it and I ended up having to it to almost all the girls in my school!
louisedawson73 say:
That’s awesome!! Thank you. I’m going to try this on my 6 year old daughter today, I hope it works for us. You make it look easy =) Your daughter is beautiful, she has your eyes.
Marissa Carson say:
Does anybody know which cute girls hairstyle would go best for a day at the beach in and out of the water? I want something that will stay. 

Kiko Moreno say:
I Rilly like the later braid dose it take time by doing the later braid or no but when you start dose it get hard by doing the later braid or how many hours dose the braid takes until you finish do you put hair spray until it drys or what do you put on your hair first.

Isha Schofield say:
I have hair down to the end of my rib cage so it’s real long but it was easy for me to do because I have African American hair so the hair doesn’t ‘slip’.
Vilaa BrownSW say:
can you PLEASE make a tutorial on this exact hairstyle on how to do it on your own hair ? PLEASE I need this hairstyle for the first day of school .
acesa2 say:
Instead of feathering the bottom piece of the braid, I add a piece to the top part of the braid. Then I braid it put leave the added pieces out and it looks like a feathered lace braid.

hair style for long face women

about “hair style for long face women”

Durria Ghayas say:
I like all your hair style, I like the way you grap the strands of braid and hold it .please teach you move your finger to hold them .being a mom I can’t handle my daughter’s hair.i always keep trying, but I can’t use my fingers to hold them
Quintavia “Dadondiva” Brown say:
Girl yes that’s a cute hair style I wish you was my stylist because sometimes my stylist be acting like she don’t know what she talking about! I’m gon talk to her about this because it like this hairstyle but she said she don’t know anything about that so, i’ll let you know what she said!
Adriana Das say:
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Dream Big Stop Wishing Start Doing say:
Love this look and really easy to do going to do it for school tomorrow :) going to do it with wavey hair :) 

Sadie Nilsson say:
The older videos of cutegirlshairstyles are much more comforting to me.. the music, the way the music goes on and on throughout the video, and most of all, the awesomeness of you guys!!!!! Not that you guys are not still awesome, but you have changed. For better, not for worse!!!!!!!!!!! But I’d love it if you go back to your older music.. especially this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Sadie, your biggest (not meant to start an argument!) fan!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shuma Islamm say:
hi Cute Girls Hairstyles i love your channel and i also love Brooklyn and Baileys channel x 
TheRealJSommer say:
Haha a friend of mine did this to my hair, when we were waiting at a dance competition 😀 i totally loved it! Btw if you want to check her out, she has an ig account it’s @braiding_witch 

how to style long hair men

about “how to style long hair men”
leah davis say:
Hi guys I’m such a fan of your videos. My favourite hairstyle out of all of your videos is the ladder braid. Uptown funk you up. Sorry I’m gone crazy🌀bonkers🌀mad🌀Leah on the loose. I’m in love with your vidvids (videos)!!!
mirziyob say:
yes! i had a friend who did it on her sister for her graduation and actually had to undo it several times until she got it right! mindy is just really skillful or maybe her daughter’s hair is just really easy to work on lol :) i think it’s a bit of both.
· 1
perfectangels say:
beautiful very beautiful. can u do an easy hair style because sometime it’s very hard for me to do most of the hair you do !!!…
Rebecca Hernandez say:
Always like your videos! But I couldn’t see the exact method due to the camera angle. (Hands blocked your method) do you have a revised video or reference I can go by? Beautiful work like always :-)

LaLa Capeles say:
I would love this in my hair. But I need a video on how to do simple hairstyles on ones self because I have no one but me here to do my own.

hairstyle for long hair with bangs

Wow beautiful. Ur daughter is adorable and I love the way she’s sitting and letting u make her hairstyle. I learnt many hairstyles from ur videos and made on friends and family and everybody loved it😘.

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