Pin up hairstyles for long hair

Jia Min C. say:
Omg! Your hairstyles are so pretty and easy as well thank you for doing this! Love your videos so much also I have a pj day tomorrow so I’m so going to make the pigtails!

Cosplay For Life say:
This is awesome I’m going to try these with my hair.:) and can you do anime hair, I need some for school and cosplaying cons. Thx your awesome and pretty:)

Joyce Huang say:
Ahhh. I want to try all of these. Waiting for my hair to grow longer…. T^T

JuneGirl say:
oh my goodness sooooo adorable!!!!!! I’m definitely gonna try them out! thank you !!! 😃😃😃😃

pin up hairstyles for long hair   pin up hairstyles for long hair

Han Rae Ah say:
my pony tails always fall within 5 minutes because my hair is so thick

Aimen Khan say:
I also have that tooth like you ^_^ .. btw nice hairstyles .. will surely give it a try

HollyJollyAru say:
Can’t wait till my hair gets long enough to do this kind of thing.

pin up hairstyles for long hair   pin up hairstyles for long hair

Christy Strijk say:
You are so adorable! Going to try one of those hairstyles for school tomorrow! 💞

Rebecca Parker say:
My hair is short do u know anyhair styles for short hair

Vinod Tripathi say:
your arms ar very beautiful. keep pumping up for peaks

Angela Le (Zekken) say:
These are really cute for summer too~! Amazing job!

x3Haha say:
+Angela Le (Zekken) Yes, they are! :) I’m hoping to do some winter – specific hair tutorials with beanies / hats soon. Thanks for watching!

oceanwaves078 say:
the bun tool you used at the end looks simple to use! i can never get my donut bun to work, it always pulls my hair out lol i’ll be sure to try out that tool though. thanks :)

pin up hairstyles for long hair   pin up hairstyles for long hair

x3Haha say:
+oceanwaves078 I have actually never used a hair donut before. I’ve felt it before and it was spongey with a netting on the outside? I feel like my hair would get caught in it lol. The tool I used in this video is super easy! It doesn’t necessarily give you a bun as round as a hair donut might, but it does get the job done. I love using it when I want more volume in a lazy bun. :)

Sarah Sugar Craft say:
I missed you and your videos! Thank you for uploading <3 x3Haha say: +Sarah Sugar Craft Thank you for watching! :) I'm almost done with school now so I can't wait to upload more often. I have so many ideas to share!

Athena Anastasoglou say:
I like doing those hairstyles

x3Haha say:
+Athena Anastasoglou I love them too! :) I get super lazy in the morning so I love going to these quick and simple hairstyles.

Dreamiibunni say:
So pretty I always love your videos but omg I think im gonna try the pigtail one tomorrow <3 x3Haha say: +Dreamiibunni Thanks! :) The pigtails will literally take 2 minutes top!

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