pixie haircuts

First of all, your assumption is 100% wrong, but nice try.

With that being said, I am calling him an asshole for his comment
“I look like Sigourney weaver”
“No you don’t, Sigourney weavers hot”

So now you can go on saying what ever you want, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)

it doesnt look that bad i think its kinda cool

its not about the date, its about the fact that I have to look at myself bald, some people shave ther heads in support of cancer patients, some people like

the bald look or short hair, you don’t give a shit so shave your head if it pleases you, personally iv had my head shaved and I fucking hated it, its not

really a fear factor stunt but if anyone comes at me with clippers im going to kill them!

If i shaved my head, it will take me 9 years to grow my hair back, 9 FUCKING YEARS, that’s how long its been since it was last shaved, I haven’t cut an inch

since, and I don’t plan on wasting another 9 years to get it back this long. Now I know to guys out there it only takes a week and your hair is nice and

short like you love it, but long hair (on men or women) means more when you dedicate so much time to it growing.

I disagree, not all of western society demands that women have hair. In fact many women such as Amber Rose are still considered beautiful despite baldness.

I’ll agree that societal standards of beauty are often poisonous though in other cultures short to bald haired women are the norm. Also, I would get a hot

pink wig and a tattoo that says “Gotta match the carpet!”

Ignorant bitch, comparing castration to cutting hair. I’m pretty sure balls don’t grow back, and hair doesn’t serve critical functions like reproduction and

hormone production. A comment like that makes you seem extremely shallow. Short hair can be pulled off by many women and in a year she’d have hair long

enough to wear in a feminine style. Wigs may not be cheap, but they’re a surmountable expense, especially compared to medications and operations following

mutilating your genitals.

pixie haircuts,pixie hairstyles   pixie haircuts,pixie hairstyles

I said wigs are scratchy or very expensive and of course it’s not the same. What about when you go swimming? Or if you’re out and it gets caught on

something? Plus most don’t look natural. Pregnancy? Really? It’s obvious you’re man (not by your screen name but your attitude). I’m sure that regardless of

what you say, you would not date a bald woman. It takes a long time to grow hair back and it usually doesn’t grow back the same. Money is just money; there

should be limits on what you do for it.

Ok, she wound up being adorable! As soon as it starts growing out again she’s going to look hot with a pixie cut ♥
Good for her! Please please please tell me their team won! 

pixie haircuts,pixie hairstyles   pixie haircuts,pixie hairstyles

Yeh but your fucking hair can grow back! Our dick can’t grow back?! Also, it hurts as shit if you would cut our dick off and it doesn’t hurt for shit if you

cut your hair. You can’t fucking compare those 2 things.

Amen, sistah. I have girlfriends who care about their hair. If you joke about cutting their hair, they’ll either get sad or offended. Some grow their hair

because the want to donate them. If you haven’t met a girl(s) who cares about their hair, then you have no idea what you’re talking about. It takes forever

(not literally) to grow hair, so I know how girls feel.. except for the styling part. I don’t really care lol

pixie haircuts,pixie hairstyles   pixie haircuts,pixie hairstyles

No, seriously, use a dictionary, if you know how of course. Basically, in your post you say that scientific studies support my answer but science is wrong.

Then you throw out some mess about a placebo (that’s an important part of a MEDICAL study and does not apply here. And the bag a man with your eyes…don’t

know what you’re going for there. Then there’s a fragment. And you end your post with rude, unnecessary profanity. You’re a real winner, aren’t you?

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