prom hair styles for short hair

Christina Because they are sexy as hell, and why show any of your friends anything they dont like. They must be gay. Keep AOA and other Korean groups to yourself. Americans only like Miley Cirus or Kardashian ass, then your friends never notice ass swinging.

+Audrey Christina Her ass is gross. Probably smells like Burger King.

prom hairstyles for short hair   prom hairstyles for short hair

+Audrey Christina Wanna hear more. Nicki Minaj needs to shower every time she poops, because shes wiping an ass crack the size of the grand canyon with her tiny hand. You can miss a lot. Tell your friends, AOA girls are clean, and they next to never poop, cause they dont eat a lot, so they are edible girls. No disapointments. They taste sweet.

+TheLivingDeadOne shhhhh dont use gay as an insult shhhhh dont bash nicki in order to support AOA, theyre both fab and what is this poo thing even????

+Jordan Che Gay isn’t an insult, it is the politically correct proper term used to describe a man who loves and prefers other men, so is lesbian a term to describe women that love other women. And Bi Sexual, someone that loves both sexes.

prom hairstyles for short hair   prom hairstyles for short hair

+TheLivingDeadOne exactly, which is why you shouldnt use it as a way to describe ppl who question why AOA shakes their butts :)

+Jordan Che Ok Thank you,. Goodbye. Just for your info, Where I used to work, I was made fun of by coworkers because I liked Asian women. Guess what, They dont have any tits or ass, So Ive been told, coming from guys that just like big tits and ass, because this defines a woman. Aparently JYP feels the same. I think thats an insult to me and woman that are slender yet beautiful. So its ok to laugh if its about something you dont believe is attractive, but laughing at others is OK,. SO, His friends are obviously GAY, because, NONE of them saw a beautiful woman. They probably goofed on the guy and are in love with NM because she has this HUGE disgusting ASS.

prom hairstyles for short hair   prom hairstyles for short hair

+Audrey Christina u should show them shake it by sistar. or touch my body. haha

+Audrey Christina You should’ve said to your friends: Wouldn’t you shake that I mean only if you’d have it.
And also I dunno why that was the main thing they noticed. I mean yea there is a “but shake” in most of them but no one noticed that they’re great dancers AND singers AAAND making the musing themselves? I mean Damn!

Excellent video, I truly liked it. If you like watching clips with girls going from long to short, then please check out my vids as I upload new original content all the time.

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