Prom haircuts for long hair

Bia Acosta say:
Thanks for sharing your beautiful hairstyles, I would like to see a tutorial on how to make that beautiful crown of flowers . greetings from Ecuador.

x3Haha say:
+Bia Acosta You’re welcome! I’m glad you like these hairstyles! :) Yesss, I’ve been wanting to do a DIY hair accessory tutorial for a while. I’ll look into a few ideas to share with you in the future.

Jenna Mathis say:
Hello Thuha! I love all of the hairstyles and I would defiantly do them if I could. Thank you so much for inspiring and many others to have fabulous hair. Just keep being you!- Jenna

prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair   prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair

x3Haha say:
+Jenna Mathis Hi Jenna! :) Awww you’ll get to try these new hairstyles soon since your hair grows so fast! Thank you for watching and always supporting me. You’re the best. <3 Ah btw, I saw that you sent me an email but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I'll look it over after I'm done with final exams next week! :) I hope you're doing well!

Truc Jeon (VlogsDeTruc) say:
These are so cute! I wish my hair were longer since some of these wouldn't look that nice on my medium-long length hair lol. Besides that, I'm thinking of getting that bun tool but not sure if I should get the 17.5 cm or 22.5 cm...

prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair   prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair

x3Haha say:
+Truc Jeon (VlogsDeTruc) Thanks! :) When bought the bun tool, it only came in one size (I think it’s the bigger one?), which was perfect because my hair is long. If your hair is thick, I’d recommend the bigger one too so it’s more sturdy and hold more hair. :) I think either one should work fine. It’s super easy to use!

pastel joker say:
+x3Haha thank you so much! And I love your videos thank you for uploading another video, I use the styles all the time and I was close to running out haha!

Jessica Sinatra (Sinatra13) say:
big, poofy buns are what I miss most about having long hair :( all great looks though! Might try out the twist one because I have a long bob so my front pieces are actually long enough to execute it!

x3Haha say:
+Jessica Sinatra (Sinatra13) I’ve always wanted to try an angled bob hairstyle, but I don’t have enough courage to cut my hair xD. I bet yours look super cute under a Santa hat! I love how hats / beanies look on short hair!

prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair   prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair

Jessica Sinatra (Sinatra13) say:
+x3Haha I’ve been gradually going shorter for about a year and a half so it’s definitely a process! But I do love to wear lots of hats with it! I’ve just always had long hair so I needed a change, but I remember when I first started watching you you had some pretty short hair, I think it was a fashion mullet? It’s been fun watching your hair grow as you do different things to it!

Icy Princess say:
Such cute hairstyles! I’m definitely gonna try them!
I hope you are still doing Anime Inspired’s Hairstyles and outfit! 😊

x3Haha say:
+Icy Princess Thanks! Hope you’ll have fun trying these hairstyles out. I am definitely doing more anime inspired looks! Just trying to survive finals week right now, and I can’t wait to be on break and make more videos. :)

Icy Princess say:
+x3Haha Can’t wait to see your next latest Anime Inspired’s Video! ;-)

Rachel Kyes say:
I loooove that the hairstyles you do are honestly so easy to do but look really intricate and different and cute!!

x3Haha say:
+Rachel Kyes Thanks so much! :) Glad you liked these hairstyles! Hope you’ll give them a try for the coming week!

Annabel Qi say:
I just love how you’re always straight to the point and don’t blabber on and on like some other beauty/hair gurus. Your voice is so cute and you pull off that hair colour so well! Please start uploading more, I’ve missed your videos SO MUCHHH.

x3Haha say:
+Annabel Qi Awwhs, you’re so sweet. :) Thank you!! I’m almost done with finals so I’ll definitely upload more often when I’m finally on my break. I can’t wait. <3 Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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