Prom Side Hairstyles For Long Hair

I have thick, curly hair, which i straighten. but I can go for a very long time without washing. my hair doesnt smell and rarely gets oily. Its all genetics though. In the
morning when your putting on your perfume, try spraying some HIGH above your head it helps with the smell. As for the oil, when you wash your hair everyday your body produces
more, so you have to train your body to not produce oil. Not washing daily will help with that. It will be VERY oily for a while but in the end it’s WOW!
I think those who want to attempt this hairstyle should already know how to do french braid. That’s kinda the logic, you can’t expect to do an upside down french braid without
understanding how a regular french braid works. Look, does she has the best tutorial in Youtube? Of course not. I’ve seen better, and at the same time I’ve seen worse. Yes,
she talks a lot, but I have no problem understanding what she wanted to show. Maybe there are other people who find it difficult to understand, but hey, there are so many
tutorials to choose from here in Youtube, I’m sure they will find one that suit them best :)?
Actually, you’re wrong about me not getting it. I learn how to braid completely through Youtube years ago. I agree in the sense that she can make her tutorials better, but
her videos are usually focused on easy and fast hairstyles. She rarely do braids, and she said it herself that she always avoid doing complicated hairstyle tutorials. If you
watch her other videos then it’s mainly focus on the “easy to achieve” hairdo. Her audience are probably for people who don’t have too much time to spend to do nice hairstyle.
Which makes it easier to understand. Which makes me understand why her braiding tutorials are not as good. I’m not disagreeing with you, but at the same time I just want to
express my opinion :)?

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