revlon hair color

Sorry… but she lost her charm! She was genuine back in her old years and now she’s just trying….

I am a mexican ACTRESS and MODEL…
GO IN THIS ADVENTURE WITH ME,Beauty, Makeup, Fashion, DIY’S, Cooking, Hairstyling, Modeling videos.
if you SUBSCRIBE and you want me to do the same for you i will, (just let me know)
Thanks so much for the support, xoxo☼♫✿✄☆★
YOU will not regret it 😉 muahhh

I have Asian hair and I can tell you, yeah, I believe it’s the shiniest and silkiest but the only downside is that

it gets greasy in 20 hours. The shiniest Asian hair you probably see is those who wash their hair morning and night

every day. 

revlon hair color   revlon hair color

I love you Michelle. =) seriously, you changed my life and I would thank you a lot,. Im hoping to meet you One Day

3 3 3

I SAW YOU ON YAHOO!!!!!!!! Keep doing what you do, Michelle!

revlon hair color   revlon hair color

Hi everyone, I’m new to YouTube and I make DIY videos and more. It would really mean a lot to me if you checkout my

channel. Maybe I’m the latest Youtuber so it’s very hard for me to get noticed.
I can do nothing but spam. If you read this comment and thumbs up, it would brighten my day.
Thanks :)

I LOVE your new hair, is it a permanent curl in salon or you curled it with wand yourself??

and LOVE your shirt!!! I bet your shirt must be very expensive?? wondering if I can buy it cus I love cats…

revlon hair color   revlon hair color

I love video likes this as much as your creative artist make ups and others.
I am so happy that you’ve found love.
You are so awsome, beautifull & inspiring.

Can you give us the detox info? What’s the ingredient and measurements for it just curious cause my moms friend did

it and she lost alot of baby weight

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