´╗┐ Semi Permanent Hair Color short hairstyles|short haircuts

Semi Permanent Hair Color

D i really like your videos!! but many of the products you use has perfume, and I relly would like to

try your makeup, so if you could try to use makeup without perfume, it would be awsome!! ­čśÇ
Asians look more beautiful with dark hair colour…like different shades of brown. Too obvious it pulls your beauty

down. Just my opinion. Im asian´╗┐

Your hair looks so beautiful! That stylist is absolutely amazing. It looks gorgeous on you! :)´╗┐

semi permanent hair color   semi permanent hair color

Michelle, I just wanna say thanks because of you, this video has inspired me to give my life a new outlook and

change in my life. I’m not the thinnest of girls, but I’ve been wanting to make a lifestyle change in my life.. as

well as my hair as well, I wanna do the same colour as you because I find it such a lovely color ! xx ´╗┐

Do you think you could make a video For just more in depth Ideas about the lifestyle change?! <3´╗┐ semi permanent hair color   semi permanent hair color

Her getting anything done on her face/or not isn’t affecting you in ANYWAY so please just leave it as that….´╗┐

Hi Michelle! Love your videos! Do you think you can make a style video on how you would style your wedge sneakers?´╗┐

I definitely am not going to be those annoying “ohhh shes changedddd we want the old Michelle” bitches, because

there is no old or new. But I don’t like how “fake” she’s become. I’m using this word lightly. I mean in the way she

speaks to “us” now. She’s not as chill or humorous. It seems more forced now, but I don’t blame her. Everyone is a

critic and you have to tip toe around your words sometimes cause of how crazy people get but I just don’t like how

forcibly sophisticated she’s been acting´╗┐

semi permanent hair color   semi permanent hair color

You never made another video :( but that’s okay! Happy 4th of July!!! Stay safe! :)´╗┐

You’re like an asian version of Jessica Alba! Such a babe! :)´╗┐

I knew it was Guy Tang right when I saw the colour of your hair. He does such a good job! ´╗┐

UGHHH I LOVEEEE THE HAIR!!!! I WANT THAT COLOR TOO!! Your hair looks so voluptuous and I love it!!!´╗┐

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