Semi Permanent Hair Color

D i really like your videos!! but many of the products you use has perfume, and I relly would like to

try your makeup, so if you could try to use makeup without perfume, it would be awsome!! 😀

Asians look more beautiful with dark hair colour…like different shades of brown. Too obvious it pulls your beauty

down. Just my opinion. Im asian

Your hair looks so beautiful! That stylist is absolutely amazing. It looks gorgeous on you! :)

semi permanent hair color   semi permanent hair color

Michelle, I just wanna say thanks because of you, this video has inspired me to give my life a new outlook and

change in my life. I’m not the thinnest of girls, but I’ve been wanting to make a lifestyle change in my life.. as

well as my hair as well, I wanna do the same colour as you because I find it such a lovely color ! xx 

Do you think you could make a video For just more in depth Ideas about the lifestyle change?! <3 semi permanent hair color   semi permanent hair color

Her getting anything done on her face/or not isn’t affecting you in ANYWAY so please just leave it as that….

Hi Michelle! Love your videos! Do you think you can make a style video on how you would style your wedge sneakers?

I definitely am not going to be those annoying “ohhh shes changedddd we want the old Michelle” bitches, because

there is no old or new. But I don’t like how “fake” she’s become. I’m using this word lightly. I mean in the way she

speaks to “us” now. She’s not as chill or humorous. It seems more forced now, but I don’t blame her. Everyone is a

critic and you have to tip toe around your words sometimes cause of how crazy people get but I just don’t like how

forcibly sophisticated she’s been acting

semi permanent hair color   semi permanent hair color

You never made another video :( but that’s okay! Happy 4th of July!!! Stay safe! :)

You’re like an asian version of Jessica Alba! Such a babe! :)

I knew it was Guy Tang right when I saw the colour of your hair. He does such a good job! 

UGHHH I LOVEEEE THE HAIR!!!! I WANT THAT COLOR TOO!! Your hair looks so voluptuous and I love it!!!

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