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They are all beautiful. At first I do not like AOA. But I knew Seolhyun before because of FT Island. Jimin is just so cuuute. She is my bias. But in my own opinion, Seolhyun and Mina are the most beautiful.

this sounds kind of silly but LOL when I first cut my hair super short (I always had it long), i was really insecure about it, but then my roomie got me into kpop and i found this and it actually made me feel a lot more confident when i listened to it LMFAO it was just like a boost that was like “ur fking great with short hair and you better flaunt it”

I got into K-pop with SNSD, they have so many catchy songs, the girls are all beautiful and are so much fun to watch, becoming a fan was a given. Seems like they set the standard for other girl groups to follow and some of them, like AOA,are really giving GG competition for sure, especially in the beauty department. This is only the second AOA mv i have watched and i am already a fan.

and you should watch their other MV. They’re awesome girls group.

I personally can not stand Girls Generation, but everyone loves different groups <3 I started Kpop with BoA when she started, sadly I havent heard much of her lately. +TheSSVNormandy Me too. I started with BoA... BoA's not good now. She's old and seems bitchy now. I got into SNSD... but now AOA is taking over... they're sexier than SNSD and catchy songs!  I could never get into Girls Generation's songs at all. I know a lot of people really like them but they're just "meh" to me. My top 4 favorite groups as of right now are 1: Kara <3, 2: Girls Day <3, 3: AoA, and 4: Ladies Code <3 :'( sadly Ladies Code has stopped doing music after what happened recently. Well your list almost same with me but I only like 2 girls group 1.KARA 2.AOA :)

updo hairstyles for short hair   updo hairstyles for short hair

I like KARA too because they got catchy songs and they’re all pretty and know how to share their booty too!! Yeah!! But I have not seen a group that tops AOA’s sexiness and catchy songs…. They got the whole package going! 

+TheNightrage2 who knows? Maybe they will surpase GG popularity in thw future or maybe not. No one knows abou that. 

For me personally and I know there are many others who think they same thing, AOA already surpassed Girls Generation,

AoA has memorable and more catchy songs, they are actually trying to improve on their singing and dancing techniques, I loved every one of their songs so far that have been released. They are also much prettier than any of the Girls Generation members are, I draw profiles of people I really admire and I love drawing members of AoA, and other groups I absolutely love. Girls Generation is not one of them.

AOA is not surpassing GG yet, they are not even close but I do enjoy their music recently, A lot better then GG not including Mr. Mr (I loved it) and their oldies. AOA still has alot to learn from their Seunbaes. 

updo hairstyles for short hair   updo hairstyles for short hair

+Gina Diamond agreed with you and don’t really like there Mr Mr comeback.

I don’t know why but I could never get into SNSD the way I get into other girl groups. Idk I guess SNSD never clicked with me. Lol but I know most the members I just can’t get into their music I guess.

+TheSSVNormandy oh don’t you worry BoA is like a robot she can be 70 preforming like she is 20. +kiyonexus she is not bitchy (why would you say that) and since when is having 30-something years being old if we are going to play like that than sojin from GIRLS DAY is a old lady in a wheel chair

i dont know why it always SNSD gotta be here O.O every girl group has always to compare wih GG seriously?And what AOA surpassed SNSD? look if they surpassed them they should surpassed 2NE1,Apink,Girls Day etc legendary groups. 

SISTAR too are really very amazing group…!! They are shoulders-to-shoulders with SNSD and 2NE1…

we’re defs coming into a new era of kpop and groups like AOA, Girl’s Day and A-Pink are taking the lead. very excited to see new releases from girl groups this year!

updo hairstyles for short hair   updo hairstyles for short hair

Seems that way. I just discovered another group called Fiestar that has the cute and sexy concepts down as well, they are showing alot of potential, will def keep an eye on them.

It sure is ….. and many fanboys like myself would love to dry their tears and take care of that ache they are feeling in this song :)

Im a sone and I love snsd! I think snsd has the most beautiful members! XD Just my opinion tho

I know this song is about feeling better after a relationship but I find myself singing it or listening to it whenever I feel bad. It helps me get through things. 

Favourite AOA song~ But I always wondered what that was at 1:51 in the sound…I wonder why it does that…

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