Updo hairstyles for long hair

about”Updo hairstyles for long hair”

x3Haha say:
+Imma “Jelly” K. Thanks! The first hairstyle should work for medium hair if yours is around the shoulders. When I’m on my winter break, I’ll think of some more short / medium hairstyles for you! 😀 In the meantime, you can try out these other looks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vUmzdSGY5M

x3Haha say:
+Emily Le Thanks! I’ve been really into pigtails lately. I used to think they were a bit childish, but there are so many ways to modernize them now! :D

Ruby Martinez say:
and it looks cute”
it looks cute on YOU!
cuz ur hair is perfect and YOU’RE perfect!
my hair is puffy and freezy

updo hairstyles for long hair   updo hairstyles for long hair

x3Haha say:
+Ruby Martinez Thank you! I bet these are super cute on you too! If your hair tends to be poofy, I’d recommend smoothing it with a hair serum. Garnier anti-frizz sleek & shine serum works great! :D

ANerdyRose say:
can you do an updated hair cut and style video? I love your fringe and wanna know how you cut it ! (: please and thank you xo.

updo hairstyles for long hair   updo hairstyles for long hair

x3Haha say:
+ANerdyRose I still use the old method with the razor, which I have a tutorial for on my channel. I can try doing an updated video though if you like. I’d have to wait for my bangs to grow out much longer first. :)

otaku.hai say:

x3Haha say:
+otaku.hai Thank you!! I bet your short curly hair looks beautiful.

Nur Um Zu Nerven say:
I have very thick hair, so I can’t use those hairstyles :/ Do you know hairstyles for hair like mine? (Sorry, for my bad english .

updo hairstyles for long hair   updo hairstyles for long hair

x3Haha say:
+Nur Um Zu Nerven How I wish my hair was thicker sometimes! It gives so much volume to braids hehe. I think the 2nd – 4th hairstyle would be super cute on thick hair! :) I’d just recommend grabbing more sections on top when you do the twists / braids so the bottom is more manageable.

Nur Um Zu Nerven say:
Thanks for the answer, that’s nice ^-^
Oh, okay, I’m going to try out 😀
And yes, much people wish that, and I love my hair, but sometimes it is really exhausting 😮 

Karolle Justine Ebron say:
Can you make a holiday party hairstyle? I’m going to a party on the 16 but I don’t know what look I should go for.

x3Haha say:
+Karolle Justine Ebron Ah, I just realized your party is on the 16th. I won’t be on break until the 18th. In that case, I’d recommend just checking out the video I linked earlier. Have fun at your party!!

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