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I half expected to hear “here my new ring, its from dom, it goes in my RING FINGER, im engaged” but, still good


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wella hair color   wella hair color

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!!! Could you tell me how he styled your hair?? Did he use the topstyler? 

Technically GOOD hairstylist would know how to do different types of hair. You just didn’t have an experience

hairdresser. Technically not Asian hair, more like thick hair.

I know what you’re thinking, not another on of these “Come check out my videos” comment but just hear me out.

My best friend and I have recently started our own beauty account and we would really appreciate the feed back on

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The dress is from nastygal (online fashion store), I saw the cat dress on there the other day:P

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How did you achieve the curls in this video? My hair is super thick and heavy, could you do a video on keeping hair

healthy and full of volume? It would be perfect.

wella hair color   wella hair color

Our cuticles are normally 2x as thick/wide as Caucasian’s and other races. Sometimes even 3x or 4x. Our hair because

of that, is harder to work with cause of how much heavier and thicker it is. Thats why our hair is normally falls

down straight instead of waves/curls unlike some.

Having thicker hair (me being asian) is a curse and a blessing. We seem to have more hair than others so we have to

put a little effort to take care of it.Sometimes I do wish that I have thinner cuticles. Oh well :)

Hey everyone!(: I just created a new beauty channel, and could really use some feedback, love, and support form all

you guys!
I’m very sorry for the spam, it’s the only way I can try to be noticed!
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Thanks <3  hi michelle i im your biggest fan1 here,s an idea for a video egpytian princess i want to be a makup artist when i grow up i im also do makup on me and my mom mimi and others come meet me in seattle and i love your skin my name is halle.ps love your videos I did 3D wicks, I think that's the way we say in Brazil. Michelle, it is worth, we deserve ;) Michelle!!! Your hair is amazing!! It looks beautiful!!! You definitely seem more energetic, so keep doing whatever you're doing!! :) You have to realise that when you have asian genes your hair is more coarse and thick than a caucasian's hair. It can be more difficult to style and colour for this reason. That's why she needs to take special consideration when restyling and recolouring. Plus she said in the video she has had bad colouring before so if I were her I would be more choosey with my stylist too. Could you please do videos on make up for different eye shapes, eye colors and how to tell your eye shape?. Also, advice videos. For example, videos on how to reach a dream, socialize, build confidence etc. Finally, could you please do more personal videos? Videos where your take about your life or things like that. Thank you.  I wish I had asian hair. It's much easier to work with then african american hair. Now that's really hard to work with.  wella hair color   wella hair color

Michelle, you should post a video about your fitness and health changes! I can’t recall if you’ve posted about your

drinks in the past, but I would love to see how you make them as well as what you’re doing fitness wise. Might

inspire others to eat healthier and workout. :)

I have looked for something like that hair color so happy to see it!! thanks for sharing

You look stunning ! I l O V E the hair colour ! it suits you very well ! .. I’m so happy for you ! .. and also you

motivate me to start a healthier lifestyle ..thank you Michelle for being an inspiration in so many ways :) 

I love the hair, my hair actually looks like that a little bit, because my hair is really dark on the inside, and

then on the outside its super light, i dont know how it got like that, i never put high lights in it, i think it

might be from the sun huh? What do you think?? And I LOVE GETTING YOUR EMAILS EVERYDAY!!! <3 I will do the video for your project, and it will be VERY postitive =) Hi michelle im a huge fan from the philippines and im so inlove with your new hair now i love the color and it matches your skintone i just want to know what color did Guy Tang use onto your hair? Im a freelance hairstylist thats why i want to learn this kind of technique the "balayage ombre" hope you have time to reply on my comment thank you for inspiring us hope you will not be tired sharing your talents or skills to us. :))) And what if she really did it? If it makes her feel better about herself I don't see any problem. She is beautiful inside and outside, I don't care if she has done plastic surgery or not... Could plz make a tutorial for how ur hair had been styled ..... umm hey guys. i just started my youtube channel today and i just wanted to ask you guys if you could check out my channel. my tutorials arents the best because of the lighting but ill be changing the lighting and location of where i record my videos. thank you :)

hey beautiful<3 im a new youtube guru and its super hard to get noticed:( i was wondering if you can please check out my channel and if you like what you see maybe subscribe? i will be hosting a giveaway pretty soon including products from urban decay and bath and body works so stay tunned:) Why are you so perfect Michy ;u; I love your hair it's like so bouncy and the colors and just aaah perf <3 You look like Jessica Alba,just a bit more asian lol. Really love the new hair color, it looks really good on you. Aww Michelle :'-) I hate be sound cliché but... You started from the bottom now you're here! Lol I've been subscribed since the beginning of this channel and I've watched all these wonderful accomplishments (my sister and I were literally so excited when you started working for lancome years ago lol). So watching this video makes me so happy for you! I wish you every happiness and I cannot thank you enough for being my inspiration and role model over the years :-) Hi my name is jj I have been loving your video for the past 2 years but never said something to you because I am scared of the real world and you inspired me to not be scared, so I just wanted to say thank you very must.:) My fiancé & I have a Daily Vlog Channel. We were high school sweethearts & have big dreams. Many think we're odd because we are getting married at such a young age, but we love each other. Please join us in our International Giveaway & Blog Giveaway as well as our daily lives as we attend college, plan the wedding of our dream, & prepare to spend the rest of our lives together That guy is brilliant and you hair is beautiful, do you do something to you hair to make it less straight? I'm half Chinese and European, I have a full head of hair but its so straight and if I curl my hair if lasts for only 30min It seems that you deleted your comment, but since I have it in my e-mail.. here it is what I have to say in reply. WHO THE HELL YOU THINK YOU ARE. I don't have to apologize for anything of what I've said. I've never said I don't like her confidence, so you should read my comment again and read it right this time! And you don't have any right to come and tell me if my statement is wrong. Is my opinion and it stays as I want. I won't talk with you again, I don't have time for people like you. HAHAHA girl you are contagious with happiness and so bubbly about your hair, it's hard not to smile with you =) Can't wait for the video "My boyfriend does my makeup" .... :-D

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