burgundy hair color

I am confident too.. and is not about that, I don’t feel intimidated at all, I am just saying that what I liked the

most about Michelle, is how fresh she used to be. And you can hate all you want, I couldn’t care less.

i just found you and wish i had along time ago! I’v watched a bunch of your vids now and think you’re great. i love

your color here. I have to say, i know you’re asian but you look so much like jessica alba here. you’re lips are

bigger and you have the hair coloring so… it’s striking. anyhoo, thanks for the vids!

lol calm down xD I don’t like her less.. actually I like how she has evolved, because that makes her an amazing

role model to girls. At my age I don’t feel intimidated by others people confidence. And I don’t put words into your

mouth.. you said it yourself on a comment that was in reply to me. So I think you are the only hypocrite here. Why

you get too nervous “defending” her when I never attacked Michelle? don’t stress to much.. xD

It is pretty but it is not asian anymore I like you in original color with just a little high light

Does anyone know if shes done a tutorial on this hair style? its so pretty 

burgundy hair color   burgundy hair color

could you do a video of your juices?

Your hair looks like warm caramel! Mmmm! LOL! <3 the new hair! What about her fake? And her 'so different from when she was younger'? burgundy hair color   burgundy hair color

People are getting funny and uptight and her chin…she’s got the money if you wants to have some work done so

what? Besides she looks good, not like she’s gone OTT.

Michelle, you should make a hair timeline of all your previous hairstyles.:)

Update on why your face looks so different? Only because you have young girls watching you-it’s important to be

honest, yea?

Hey. Doing an amazing job takes time. And everyone’s hair is different. If I were to get the same thing done to my

hair, it’d take a lot less time, as my hair is baby fine, unlike hers, and medium length, unlike hers.

burgundy hair color   burgundy hair color

its not an update its just you bragging your new hair

I wonder if Michelle knows that her hairdresser is a gay porn star…

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