She finds Real Life Mermaid… Then This Happens…

5 is interesting. I’m not sure if I believe though. The last one could of been a killer whale dolphin. They have black markings which could be mistake for the hair and the white could be mistakes for the pale skin. They are dolphins so they would come up for air and have dolphin tails. The video could be photoshop or a costume. The skeleton could be fake as well just made out of fish and human corpses or something and covered in a fake layer of skin or rubber of some kind. The war sightings could be because of all the pollution and stress and possibly even drugs. Scottish are known for drinking so that could be why they saw it.

The workers may of been stressed and overworking themselves and had an animal like a dolphin or something that was angry attacking them. They could of mistaken it for something else because of the stress. If they were working late hours it would of also played a role. However these are all just personal speculations. Mermaids are not proven to exist or not exist.

The biggest question is, if they do exist. Why haven’t they been fully discovered yet? People are always going out in the water from surfers, divers, submarines, ships, to even underwater drones. The ocean is big yes, but people all over the world are exploring the ocean. Not to mention people monitor fish and dolphins and sea life. And if they truly were all over the world, how come when there have been oil spills, tons of other sea life turned up dead but not mermaids? The marianna trench is the only place not really funny explored that I know of. But the argument is that they are seen everywhere. If there truly are any in the world I think they would more likely be there since that’s where ppl haven’t been.

I am not sure what I believe to be honest. The adult part of me wants to say no they are real that would be crazy! But there’s still part of me that wants to believe they are because that would be amazing! Even if they do drown people sometimes, just the idea of another form of intellectual human like species that could possible communicate! It sounds like a dream! If they were real I wouldn’t lock them up in a lab. I’d simply study them in their natural habitat. They would still be free. I wouldn’t run any tests on any living ones or even dead ones without permission. I would hope they would be reasonable enough to sign up to have themselves donated to research after passing away though.

It would be a huge breakthrough. Even still if they didn’t want to I would respect that. If they did exist, fish tail or not, they would be human like creatures! Humans deserve rights no matter what they look like. As long as they followed our laws near humans and didnt drown anyone I would respect their laws and leave them free and in the wild. After all who knows what they could help with if we got on their good side! Underwater cities could be built and tourists could dive to see them! We could teach them how to make clothes and jewelry and toys and stuff! They could teach us what lives in some of those undiscovered parts of the ocean! They could even help locate lost pieces of human history! Like family heirlooms from the titanic or something!

Weihnachtseinkäufe mit 2G: Lange Schlangen, leere Kassen?

Ich mach mir nichts aus einem Geschenkekauf in der Innenstadt, obwohl ich in der Stadt wohne und nur paar Minuten Fußweg habe, aus folgenden Gründen:

1) In der Stadt bekomme ich nicht das, was sich die Leute gewünscht haben. Eine wasserdichte Handyhülle für ein gewisses Smartphone hat einfach kein Einzelhändler im Laden hängen. Sowas zu verkaufen macht auch für den Händler nur dann Sinn, wenn er deutschlandweit vertreibt, d.h. Versandhandel, weil er in der Innenstadt nicht genügend potenzielle Kunden mit so einem Nischenprodukt ansprechen kann. Dann werden sich rot eloxierte Bremshebel fürs Fahrrad gewünscht. Sowas gibt’s auch nicht im Fahrrad-Fachhandel, genau das gleiche Problem: Ich bekomme das nur im Internet, nicht im lokalen Handel in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden oder sonstwo.

2) Infektionsrisiko, das Gebot der Stunde ist das Vermeiden von Menschenmassen.

3) Der lokale Handel ist nicht eingestellt auf kulantere Mitbewerber, die über das Internet vertreiben: Im Laden habe ich nämlich kein Rückgaberecht. Eine Teekanne, die ein Geschenk für Nikolaus sein sollte, kam nicht gut an und sollte vorgestern bei dem Laden in der Innenstadt, in dem ich sie am Vortag gekauft hatte, umgetauscht werden. Anders als bei Fernabsatzverträgen besteht beim Kauf im Laden allerdings kein Widerrufsrecht und die Verkäuferin hat sich geweigert, die Sache gegen Geld zurück zu tauschen. Lesson learned: Nächstes Mal im Internet bestellen und bei Nichtgefallen zurücksenden.

4) Die Läden in der Innenstadt bestehen zum Großteil aus Filialen von irgendwelchen Ketten, die austauschbare Ware von der Stange vertreiben. Interessantes Kunsthandwerk o.Ä., was einen Besuch im Laden Mal interessant machen würde, gibt’s nicht, weil die Mieten in der Innenstadt zu hoch sind, um sowas in der Fußgängerzone rentabel betreiben zu können.

5) Ich habe keine Angst vor leeren Innenstädten. Vielleicht müssen wir einfach akzeptieren, dass hier ein Wandel in der Innenstadt stattfindet. Bloß weil wir es aus der Vergangenheit kennen, dass man in der Fußgängerzone einkaufen gehen kann, heißt das ja nicht, dass das per se und bis in alle Zeit so sein muss und eine Umnutzung als Wohnraum nicht in Betracht kommt. Vielleicht sollte man sich den geänderten Bedürfnissen einfach stellen und sagen “so ist es eben und wir müssen jetzt sehen, wie wir mit der Situation umgehen”, anstatt an antiquierten Vorstellungen festzuhalten.

Guilin Yangshuo Cycling and Fun Tour-Guanyan to Xingping Cycling

After cycling to Guilin with my wife at the end of 2017, I asked my cyclists to plan the rest of the journey again, hoping to complete a lap around Guilin and Yangshuo. This time we set off clockwise, but the departure season is correct. It’s summer. It’s different from the previous habit of only choosing to start in the spring and autumn seasons. The reason is that everyone can’t cooperate in time this fall. If you want to arrange a ride for a group, you can only arrange to start before the end of August.

Readers who have read my travel notes should know that I only have two regular riders with me. This time I joined Dennis, an old classmate of one of my riders, James, and he and my other rider, Braden, also have experience in cycling. I believe it is more than enough for this ride. The weather forecast for Guilin before departure was still unpredictable. It was not until the departure that I found out that there was no rain in the first four days of the five-day ride, but it rained on the day of the return trip, so I also brought rain gear.

We booked the hotel and high-speed rail tickets early in the morning. The tickets were booked on the official website 12306. Originally, the Home Visit Permit could be used to collect tickets at the self-service ticket machine at West Kowloon High Speed ​​Rail Station for free. To pick up the ticket at the counter, a fee of HK$60 is charged, so friends who only have the old version of the Home Visit Permit are best to order from the official website of the Hong Kong High Speed ​​Rail.

Four-way round-trip high-speed rail ticket collected at the ticket machine on the day of departure

There are always fewer choices of flights in West Kowloon. It is more convenient to start from West Kowloon to Shenzhen North and then transfer to other flights. Depart before 11 a.m., including the waiting time of more than half an hour for the transfer, and arrive before 3 o’clock. Guilin.

Line up early and get in the car first to find a place to store your bicycles

The speed of the car is basically only more than 200 kilometers, but it was as high as 306 kilometers in the early part of Shenzhen.

This time, I also added a meal delivery service on the official website of the high-speed rail at 12306, which can be regarded as an alternative to ordering meals in the dining car.

Arrived at Guilin North Station at 2:49 pm on time

Go to the hotel where you stayed on the fourth night and store my bicycle bag for free
In order to gain time to complete the itinerary in five days, this time we added several chartered cars to omit some road sections with little scenery or uphill which is physically exhausting, so as to allow more time to visit other scenic spots. At about 3:30, the nine-seater chartered car I found on Taobao arrived at the door of the hotel. I passed the car shop where I rented a car last time in Guilin, and rented a small folding car for Dennis. The other three of us brought our own small folding car. vehicle.

I arrived at the car shop in about half an hour’s drive.

The end of the chartered car is Guilin Lijiangyuan B&B in Guanyan, where I stayed with my wife two years ago.

When the chartered car arrived near Guanyan, there were obstacles, so I had to get off and walk past the hotel

Guilin Lijiangyuan B&B where I will stay tonight

The view of the Li River outside the hotel, the room also has a terrace to see the riverside

After checking in at the B&B, we left our luggage and bicycles, and walked to the “Guanjing Pavilion” for dinner next to the drop-off point.

Passing by a group of neighborhoods eating dishes

If we are really invited, we would also like to try the local taste.

Dinner at “Guanjing Pavilion”, the taste is not bad, pay 285 yuan

The chickens were crowing early the next morning. I walked out of the terrace and saw several roosters pacing in the street.

We went out to have breakfast together, and on the way we saw workers transporting bamboo shoots in Kisang

Many boaters have gathered along the river to prepare for a busy day of work

For breakfast, eat authentic Guilin rice noodles at the “Gu Rongshu Restaurant” near the homestay, and make your own ingredients and soup.

Ten yuan per person can be full, economical

Check out after breakfast to start the cycling tour:

Start cycling along the road to Xingping

After going up a slope, I saw a road sign that was 29 kilometers away before reaching Xingping.

I saw the cyclist’s furnishings appearing in the grass by the side of the road

This is a winding uphill road, one section is higher than one section, and there is no rest.

The road is still wide and there are not many vehicles

Go up to the viewing platform to rest, but the sun is high and it starts to feel very hot, which is different from the more comfortable riding in spring and autumn

But riding the uphill road, looking at the top of the mountain in the distance, I don’t know where the end is.

Go up to the heights and see Guilin Lijiang National Scenic Area in front

Looking back at the bottom of the mountain is the starting point of our ride, surrounded by undulating mountains.

Passing this sign is to leave Guilin and enter the border of Yangshuo

Passing a row of fruit stalls, looking into the distance is Xitang Village, backed by the mountains and lakes, once again with beautiful landscapes.

Finally saw the street signs of Xingpingjiang Village, I believe I will arrive in Xingping Town soon.

Passing by an inn with the colors of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party

I have entered the Xingping area, it is almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and I am hungry and tired.

Follow the navigation to find the “Sister Liu Beer Fish” meal introduced by Dianping

High consumption in tourist towns, the taste is not bad, and the bill is 410 yuan

After dinner, visit Xingping Ancient Town across the road

This is the key cultural relic in the ancient town, the “Wannian Stage”. There is an exhibition of costumes and furnishings, but there is not much time to visit it.

Similar to other ancient towns in China, the ancient town is beginning to be commercialized, and only some of the ancient buildings are retained to attract tourists
Since I have to rush to Yangshuo to watch the evening show, the remaining 28 kilometers from Xingping to Yangshuo, there should be no beautiful scenery along the way. Although there is a bus from Xingping to Yangshuo, the frequency is also very dense, but I always bring bicycles and luggage, and then pack one. Chengjiu seats to Yangshuo are more comfortable and the fare is not too expensive for everyone to share.

Tonight is staying at the summer inn introduced by the owner of the bicycle shop. There are many cyclists staying, and the price is relatively cheap.

The room is quite wide, but you have to go up and down stairs, so the bicycles are stored in the lobby

Simple restroom
In the evening in Yangshuo, I will visit a performance of “Guilin Eternal Love” and a night tour of West Street, which will be introduced in the next chapter.

Astronautas pierden un escudo en el espacio por accidente

I was just thinking how they get to look down and see mot a single person its so silent. So calm. Its like the one point where you aren’t allowed to go. Like the boundary in a game blocking that really cool mtn on skyrim. You just feel sorta as tho your doing something wrong by being in space. idk the feeling I get is this is where we are not meant to be and we made it. Just crazy.

Since the shield is floating downwards(Radially inwards relative to orbit), it will actually return to the ISS every orbit or 90 minutes. If an object is lost in the axial directions(towards Earth’s poles), it will return to the ISS every half orbit or 45 minutes.

If an object is lost forwards or backwards in orbit(prograde or retrograde) the time length of it’s orbit will change and it will be truly lost. It will end up above or below(with respect to the ground) the ISS every half orbit, and behind or ahead of the ISS every full orbit(in the opposite direction it was originally drifting).

this looks amazing. if i had tons of money i would really like to go to space to see this view in person but i don’t know if i would be more scared of being so hight off the ground or the empty void “above” (i sometimes was scared looking up on some high mountains so this could be overkill for me)

Basel Travel Guide, Switzerland

Basel is Switzerland’s third city by population (180,000) after Zürich (409,000) and Geneva (201,000).
It has the big advantage for any city of being on a major river, in Basel’s case The Rhine, which rises in Switzerland and flows through Germany and Holland on its way to the North Sea.
Basel is in the northwest, German-speaking part of Switzerland, where the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland itself all meet. Basel is the second richest city per capita in Switzerland, and its economy is firmly based on the production of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, which account for over 90% of the city’s exports and 20% of the exports of the whole of Switzerland.
Basel was ranked among the top ten cities to live in in the world (2019) and has a reputation for humanism, neutrality and being a safe place at times of political unrest and war in Europe. Switzerland’s oldest university is here, and since Renaissance times Basel has been a centre of culture, art and knowledge.
The airport for Basel is Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, and there are direct flights in and out by many airlines. When you land at Basel Mulhouse Freiburg you don’t need a car: Switzerland is renowned for the efficiency of its public transport. If your hotel reservation is marked “Mobility Ticket”, it covers you for travel to the city from the airport, as does the “Swiss Travel Pass”, which also gives unlimited free transport on trains, buses, boats and city transport, and free entry to museums. Children travel free with the Swiss Family Card.
Bus line 50 takes you from the airport to the main Basel Railway Station in 15 minutes. From there you reach the town centre on foot or by tram.
Basel is the place to go if you are into museums and art galleries, since it has no fewer than forty, covering topics like painting in the region from 1400 – 1600 (Kunstmuseum, open 10am to 6pm, closed Mondays), and modern Swiss art (Jean Tinguely Museum, also closed Mondays but interesting for families.) Museum of Antiquities, Egyptian, Greek, Italian, Roman and Etruscan art from 4000 BC to 6th century AD; Greek vases, gold jewellery and bronze sculptures (open 11am to 5pm, closed Mondays).
Other places of interest include the Old Town near Middle Bridge, between the Rhine and Spalentor (Gate of Spalen, one of three city gates still standing from the 15th century city walls): this is an area of medieval architecture, old churches and stone-built houses. In Marktplatz stands the bright red Town Hall (Rathaus) dating from the early 1500s. Also gothic and also red is the Munster (cathedral) in Munsterplatz, on a small hill and affording a view over the city. (Main sights are the St Gallus doorway with interesting carving and the crypt, containing the tombs of bishops. You can also climb up to the top of the south tower. Open winter and summer: summer hours Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, Sundays 11.30am to 5pm.)
Basel is good for shoppers, with a nice mix of independent boutique-type shops and international designers. Head for Steinenvorstadt, Freie Strasse, Marktplatz and Spalenberg to see the finest selection of goods for sale. Maybe take a guided walking tour first to get your bearings, or best of all, watch my film of all that Basel has to offer!

quick and easy hairstyles for short black hair

Philip Telusi makes GREAT hair care products. To quote his web site…. Only top quality, natural plant-derived, pharmaceutical grade ingredients are mastered into the state-
of-the-art product formulas with revolutionary Micro Emulsion Technology. So no bad stuff like silicone. His products are sold online or in salons and are well worth the extra
cost. I can’t post a link to his site but if you type in his name as one word followed by dot come you’ll find it. Hope that helps.
Something natural to use for your hair is coconut oil it comes in a solid form but it melts in your hands but I use it once a week as a oil treatment on my hair. You just rub
the oil in your hands and let it melt then rub it through your hair until your hair is soaked with the oil I leave it in for about an hour while I’m doing other things I just
put my hair in a bun then wash it out in the shower and shampoo as normal and condition and your hair will be really soft and healthier !
I’d like to discover how to have more sex. My cousin has begun dating a stunning girl basically because 8 weeks ago he signed up to a website named Master Attraction (Google it
if you wish to learn how.) I’m so envious since I wish to just fall in love too. Why is it so hard? I’m going to take a look at this Jake Ayres guy’s emails to find out if it
might help someone like me. Bizarre point is, he used to have NO luck with women. How do you transform that swiftly? His lady’s like a model.
I absolutely love your hair! It is gorgeous. I have always had light hair and wished I could pull off black but don’t have the skin tone for it so I stick with a lighter red
tone &I have wavy hair which is loose curls when cut short. I am going to run out and purchase a chignon as soon as I can get out the door. This is so in right now & have tried
the new style of sock bun but find it difficult to do to myself. Perfect for a 51 yo like me & I’ll be wearing to upcoming weddings! Thank you!

Prom Side Hairstyles For Long Hair

I have thick, curly hair, which i straighten. but I can go for a very long time without washing. my hair doesnt smell and rarely gets oily. Its all genetics though. In the
morning when your putting on your perfume, try spraying some HIGH above your head it helps with the smell. As for the oil, when you wash your hair everyday your body produces
more, so you have to train your body to not produce oil. Not washing daily will help with that. It will be VERY oily for a while but in the end it’s WOW!
I think those who want to attempt this hairstyle should already know how to do french braid. That’s kinda the logic, you can’t expect to do an upside down french braid without
understanding how a regular french braid works. Look, does she has the best tutorial in Youtube? Of course not. I’ve seen better, and at the same time I’ve seen worse. Yes,
she talks a lot, but I have no problem understanding what she wanted to show. Maybe there are other people who find it difficult to understand, but hey, there are so many
tutorials to choose from here in Youtube, I’m sure they will find one that suit them best :)?
Actually, you’re wrong about me not getting it. I learn how to braid completely through Youtube years ago. I agree in the sense that she can make her tutorials better, but
her videos are usually focused on easy and fast hairstyles. She rarely do braids, and she said it herself that she always avoid doing complicated hairstyle tutorials. If you
watch her other videos then it’s mainly focus on the “easy to achieve” hairdo. Her audience are probably for people who don’t have too much time to spend to do nice hairstyle.
Which makes it easier to understand. Which makes me understand why her braiding tutorials are not as good. I’m not disagreeing with you, but at the same time I just want to
express my opinion :)?

Prom Hairstyles Idea for Long Hairs

The reason why I voice my opinion out in the first place is so that she knows how people view her tutorials. At least she’s getting a different perspective. You don’t understand
where I’m coming from, obviously, coz you yourself already understand how this is. I was once like that helpless teen who don’t know where to get information from and waste some
time trying to look for decent tutorials for total beginners. I know how they feel, hence me speaking up for them. I put myself in their shoes. I give so-called constructive
criticism a at least she has feedback, although it’s almost useless since this was posted years ago. I’m not saying she has the best ones but they could have been done so much
better. And the reason why I seem to stress on this so much is coz of the time people take to actually find tutorials that suit them. And if a so-called tutorial doesn’t really
fulfill what it’s supposed to do then it’s a waste of time for them. That’s just how I feel. Cheers.
Uhm excuse me but why don’t you read your reply to me all over again? Seems like you’re the one with vocabulary problems. More like grammar problems for that matter. I did NOT,
in any way, mention that my vocabulary is better than hers or anyone else’s for that matter. FYI I spotted a bunch of errors on your reply. LOL. I wasn’t criticizing her either!
Even if I was, IT’S CALLED CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. If you don’t know what that means, LET ME KNOW AND I’LL BE HAPPY TO EXPLAIN TO SOMEONE STUPID. You’re just one of them
JUDGMENTAL HATER BITCHES who judge people with not so positive comments towards a YouTuber to be haters when not all of them are. Maybe you’re just a fanatic who’s butthurt
about someone not having a positive comment about her favorite YouTuber’s video. LOL. Whatever the case is, I’m not assuming. You’re so pathetic and narrow-minded. SO BEFORE YOU
coz they’re EVERYWHERE! LOL!

Sorry girl

Sorry girl, and I know this was uplo.aded more than 2 years ago, but your explanation is way too unclear. I for sure know how to do the French braid but from my point of view,
your explanation doesn’t make it easy for beginners to understand. Plus the vocabulary you used is very limited and inappropriate and it doesn’t even do justice for
explanations. The reason you do tutorials is to help both with visuals and explanation but this video honestly lacks both. I saw the thumbnail of this video and it looked
interesting, hence me wanting to check it out and see how you nail a complicated looking hairstyle. I couldn’t even see very well how you did the French braid. Plus, as I’ve
mentioned before, your explanation doesn’t even amount up to an actual explanation. I know I can be a critic but I’m just being honest. No hate intended. I just feel those
beginners hoping to look for good tutorials to help them with something and ending up getting disappointed coz you wasted a few minutes watching a video meant to be a tutorial
which .

pictures of medium length haircuts

all these styles are great and i think if you practice them when you are at home then you can quickly do them if you are running late?

I don’t know about you guys but when I wake up in the morning i don’t have perfect loose curls..i have a frizzy mess that these styles won’t fix?

I just tried the side bun and it was so easy and fast love it! :)?

omg thant is so cute my mom when she late to work she does her hair this but you are so pretty ily?

you saved my life. I was going to a party and didn’t know what to do with my hair fast. I did the first style on my straight clean your length hair. My husband and daughter loved it. I hate to take too much time on my hair or make up. thanks cutie!?

Omg I love you I want to meet you I love your accent tho I’m gonna watch this every morning for school ?


Thank you for your tutorials Mimi! They are very helpful : ) Much appreciated that you take the time to put these together, that is kind of you.
You and Alex both seem like such nice people with great advice. I am doing more hairstyles now than ever before, THANK YOU! ~~Megan?

A tip for the second hairstyle
Peirce a hole behing your ponytail and loop under and no bobby pins needed?

Wow…. finally. minute hairstyles that literally take a minute to accomplish! It’s like you know my heart girl. Always going from the snooze to the wardrobe to the mirror for a brush through and out the door. so this was just what i needed to add a little something to my work look thanks so much!! If you can do more like these i will be eternally grateful.?

pictures of medium length haircuts   pictures of medium length haircuts

I wish my hair was that easy to handle ?? i have ugly puffy curly hair which gets tangled often ???

that would work if i actually woke up with flawless curls and not bedhair because, you know, i was sleeping.?

I disliked this video because you failed to show the front part of all the hairstyles besides the bun which was my least favorite. People usually see you from the front. So next time show the hairstyles from both angles.?

Her quick hair styles and her lazy day running late styles are my look i tried effort!!! Wedding, partys hair styles ???

If your hair looks this beautiful when you wake up you don’t need to do any hairstyle :3 but i love the first one (: ?

her hair was already good when she woke up XD she didnt need to do anything with it?

I’m doing number 2 and I hope I do it so well that will be my April fools day joke on my friends tomorrow maybe?

it is really nice and pretty because she is indeed pretty:/?

pictures of medium length haircuts   pictures of medium length haircuts

This is cool!!! N really works!! Thanks MIMii!!! ???

the first one is to die for! tried it and loved it<3? Okay... So like these are all hair styles for hair that has been blow dried and curled before hand. That's why this video is bs. Like she should start with un styled hair. ? I must admit, my initial thought was, "what effin world does she live in, waking up with perfect curls to work with?" But maybe I am wrong, given that the title simply says something like "running late styles", I think she probably meant to title this video something along the lines of, "running late-because you first took forever to curl your hair to perfection-then jumped into bed to fake sleep for two seconds-styles"... sounds legit to me =)? i love the first one its completely gorgeous and iv always wanted to try it but i never new how to omg i love it abd thats the hairdo that im going to do for my talent show??????? I like the first one I also wish my hair looked that that in the mornings because I have super curly hair so it looks like a rats nest.? So much damage happens when you tease your hair like that! And is it just me but it seems like girls with shorter hair don't care if their pins show, but girls with longer hair love to hide the pins.? If my hair were that nice in the morning these hairdos would be just perfect. The problem is what I have to do until my hair is ready for the hairstyle... hahahahaha?

pictures of medium length haircuts   pictures of medium length haircuts

Her hair is already styled. I think she should have done this w/ a timer when hair is bone straight. You could prob. get away w/ using a curling wand on a few strands and making this style but it’d prob. take 10-15 minutes, just to create the basic hairstyle she already has…?

Sometimes I curl my hair at night so in the morning I touch it up and I save time so she might have done that?

I absolutely love your videos! I’ve learnt so much about styling my hair with extensions from your channel, thank you so much & don’t stop making them! :’)???

your so beautiful thanks for the awsome hairstyles they really helped me out your the best.?