short bob haircuts

Everyone keeps asking Ingrid to not do sponsored videos anymore, but guaranteed, is she does do her own videos, she will still get comments saying “I miss your hair tutorials.” People always want what they don’t have, but I think we should just be happy with what Ingrid is putting out and support her, because not only are we her subscribers, we need to realize that one day, she won’t be making videos anymore.?

+Natalie Grace Just my thoughts, btw.?

bob haircuts,bob hair cuts   bob haircuts,bob hair cuts

Hi! Can anyone tell me if you can put that length hair in a ponytail I need to be able to for sports but I really love that cut?

My hair is about this length maybe a little shorter and you can still put it in a ponytail just a low one, or you can do a high bun and then braid and pin up the back pieces with bobby pins, I do that all the time.?

bob haircuts,bob hair cuts   bob haircuts,bob hair cuts

i have huge fanthasies where i want to cut my hair a little bit longer than Ingrid’s( her old short hair if you remember), but mine won’t stay straight atthe bottom. it’ll wave in an annoying way. even if i straighten it, it won’t stay :( anyone knows how to fix that ???

bob haircuts,bob hair cuts   bob haircuts,bob hair cuts

please make a new hair-routine?? I love your new haircut so much and i want to know how you style it because i’ve got the same cut and i’m struggle with my hair because i dont know how to style it???

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