medium length haircuts 2011

Lol I know when you do a high ponytail it looks cute for TWO SECONDS before your heavy long hair pulls the ponytail down. I want to cut my hair but if you have long hair you know that most of us have a fear of haircuts :p?

I’m sure many viewers would appreciate similar quick styles in un-previously curled hair, as very very few of us actually wake up with smooth curls like in your video.?

if i wake up with my hair like that i wouldn’t even bother styling it i ‘ll even have breakfast?

medium length haircuts 2011   medium length haircuts 2011

This is NOT A 5 MIN HAIR STYLE! HER HAIR IS CLEARLY CURLED!! Idk who wakes up with already curls hair ?

Lol there are obv people with curled hair tho I must say I do not often see people with curled hair that is this beautifully curled and not frizzy at all?

If your hair is curled from the day before the curls will last when you sleep…. my curls last for like three days :)?

medium length haircuts 2011   medium length haircuts 2011

I agree 100% not everyone has curly hair or time to curl hair?

+Nancy Ramos You can curl it the night before, so when you wake up in the morning you just need to take out the pony tail you curled in!?

I put my hair in braids or buns overnight 😀 then my hair is fine maybe that will help you?

The hair styles are cute BUT no one wakes up with their hair all nicely curled…. So these hair styles are not quick. First you have to curl your hair. Then style.?

medium length haircuts 2011   medium length haircuts 2011

can u try doing a Elsa hair style from frozen because I want to do it on my little sister xx?

Guys there are lots of ways to do overnight curls. She could have done something like that. And even if she didn’t, if you wanted the same effect you could. Also if that’s too much of a hassle a lot of these styles can be done without curling ur hair.?

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