She finds Real Life Mermaid… Then This Happens…

5 is interesting. I’m not sure if I believe though. The last one could of been a killer whale dolphin. They have black markings which could be mistake for the hair and the white could be mistakes for the pale skin. They are dolphins so they would come up for air and have dolphin tails. The video could be photoshop or a costume. The skeleton could be fake as well just made out of fish and human corpses or something and covered in a fake layer of skin or rubber of some kind. The war sightings could be because of all the pollution and stress and possibly even drugs. Scottish are known for drinking so that could be why they saw it.

The workers may of been stressed and overworking themselves and had an animal like a dolphin or something that was angry attacking them. They could of mistaken it for something else because of the stress. If they were working late hours it would of also played a role. However these are all just personal speculations. Mermaids are not proven to exist or not exist.

The biggest question is, if they do exist. Why haven’t they been fully discovered yet? People are always going out in the water from surfers, divers, submarines, ships, to even underwater drones. The ocean is big yes, but people all over the world are exploring the ocean. Not to mention people monitor fish and dolphins and sea life. And if they truly were all over the world, how come when there have been oil spills, tons of other sea life turned up dead but not mermaids? The marianna trench is the only place not really funny explored that I know of. But the argument is that they are seen everywhere. If there truly are any in the world I think they would more likely be there since that’s where ppl haven’t been.

I am not sure what I believe to be honest. The adult part of me wants to say no they are real that would be crazy! But there’s still part of me that wants to believe they are because that would be amazing! Even if they do drown people sometimes, just the idea of another form of intellectual human like species that could possible communicate! It sounds like a dream! If they were real I wouldn’t lock them up in a lab. I’d simply study them in their natural habitat. They would still be free. I wouldn’t run any tests on any living ones or even dead ones without permission. I would hope they would be reasonable enough to sign up to have themselves donated to research after passing away though.

It would be a huge breakthrough. Even still if they didn’t want to I would respect that. If they did exist, fish tail or not, they would be human like creatures! Humans deserve rights no matter what they look like. As long as they followed our laws near humans and didnt drown anyone I would respect their laws and leave them free and in the wild. After all who knows what they could help with if we got on their good side! Underwater cities could be built and tourists could dive to see them! We could teach them how to make clothes and jewelry and toys and stuff! They could teach us what lives in some of those undiscovered parts of the ocean! They could even help locate lost pieces of human history! Like family heirlooms from the titanic or something!

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