asymmetrical haircuts

Katherine Gregory say:
These styles are very pretty but her hair was curled/styled before she started which makes the style a lot longer than 2-3 min to do.?

Heena Girkar say:
Can anyone please tell me how could I get this much silky n straight hairs…for any kind of good hairstyling first hairs should be proper. .. :(?

asymmetrical haircuts   asymmetrical haircuts

Aribah Hussain say:
Apply coconut oil to your hair and massage it into your scalp for about 35 seconds then go to sleep when you wake up take a shower and wash your hair well so that all the oil comes out. When your hair is dry your hair will be SO SMOOTH AND SILKY ;)?

Natalie Natasha say:
One more thing to add to the GLAM look – A brilliant perfume like Hello by Harvey Prince. It’s impressive and quite attractive. Best thing to carry in your purse wherever you go!!!!!!?

asymmetrical haircuts   asymmetrical haircuts

Kimberly Munoz say:
My hair is too long. Why can’t anyone do easy hair styles for long wavy/ sometimes very frizzy hair? Good hair tutorial by the way?

Aribah Hussain say:
Lol I know when you do a high ponytail it looks cute for TWO SECONDS before your heavy long hair pulls the ponytail down. I want to cut my hair but if you have long hair you know that most of us have a fear of haircuts :p?

asymmetrical haircuts   asymmetrical haircuts

black hairstyles for short hair

about “black hairstyles for short hair” Christina Lodberg say:

1. Since then… my hair never went out of that bun. I’ve been wearing this bun non stop for 2 years, because it’s stuck and I am afraid to cut my hair. Thank you very much for the bad advise.?

2. So…these all require straight to kinda wavy hair? NEVERMIND! I get exasperated bc most of these cute hair tutorials are for straight hair and it turns a quick hairstyling into a long one if I have to flat iron it first ???

3. Hi guys! I’m a licensed hairstylist and just started posting easy hair tutorials! Please check it out and like and subscribe! Any questions u have, leave me a comment! ???

4.DUDE… I have a hair doughnut and i NEVER knew the right way to use it.. just tried it your way and it literally took me seconds and it actually looks really good for the first time! Kind of ridiculous considering how simple it is!?

5. Currently my hair is short , just an inch shy of collar bone, but I can’t wait for it to grow longer so that I can test all of these wonderful hairstyles. You make it look so easy :D?

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Criskier Ignacio say:
you always manage to make any hairstyle work beautifully for you! i’m jealous. xD

x3Haha say:
Ignacio Thank you! I bet they look beautiful on your hair too!! ^_____^

wedding hairstyles for long hair   wedding hairstyles for long hair

Gudetama say:
I don’t know why I watch these if I don’t do shit to my hair xD

x3Haha say:
LOL I’m the same with makeup tutorials. I always watch those videos and rarely try them out. When I try them out, I look like I got punched in the eyes D;

wedding hairstyles for long hair   wedding hairstyles for long hair

Juvia Fullbuster say:
that is not medium long hair that’s long.

x3Haha say:
Fullbuster My hair is long, but some of these hairstyles will work for medium hair – especially the first and second, and the waterfall twist since it only uses the top portion of your head! :)

wedding hairstyles for long hair   wedding hairstyles for long hair

Updo hairstyles for long hair

about”Updo hairstyles for long hair”

x3Haha say:
+Imma “Jelly” K. Thanks! The first hairstyle should work for medium hair if yours is around the shoulders. When I’m on my winter break, I’ll think of some more short / medium hairstyles for you! 😀 In the meantime, you can try out these other looks:

x3Haha say:
+Emily Le Thanks! I’ve been really into pigtails lately. I used to think they were a bit childish, but there are so many ways to modernize them now! :D

Ruby Martinez say:
and it looks cute”
it looks cute on YOU!
cuz ur hair is perfect and YOU’RE perfect!
my hair is puffy and freezy

updo hairstyles for long hair   updo hairstyles for long hair

x3Haha say:
+Ruby Martinez Thank you! I bet these are super cute on you too! If your hair tends to be poofy, I’d recommend smoothing it with a hair serum. Garnier anti-frizz sleek & shine serum works great! :D

ANerdyRose say:
can you do an updated hair cut and style video? I love your fringe and wanna know how you cut it ! (: please and thank you xo.

updo hairstyles for long hair   updo hairstyles for long hair

x3Haha say:
+ANerdyRose I still use the old method with the razor, which I have a tutorial for on my channel. I can try doing an updated video though if you like. I’d have to wait for my bangs to grow out much longer first. :)

otaku.hai say:

x3Haha say:
+otaku.hai Thank you!! I bet your short curly hair looks beautiful.

Nur Um Zu Nerven say:
I have very thick hair, so I can’t use those hairstyles :/ Do you know hairstyles for hair like mine? (Sorry, for my bad english .

updo hairstyles for long hair   updo hairstyles for long hair

x3Haha say:
+Nur Um Zu Nerven How I wish my hair was thicker sometimes! It gives so much volume to braids hehe. I think the 2nd – 4th hairstyle would be super cute on thick hair! :) I’d just recommend grabbing more sections on top when you do the twists / braids so the bottom is more manageable.

Nur Um Zu Nerven say:
Thanks for the answer, that’s nice ^-^
Oh, okay, I’m going to try out 😀
And yes, much people wish that, and I love my hair, but sometimes it is really exhausting 😮 

Karolle Justine Ebron say:
Can you make a holiday party hairstyle? I’m going to a party on the 16 but I don’t know what look I should go for.

x3Haha say:
+Karolle Justine Ebron Ah, I just realized your party is on the 16th. I won’t be on break until the 18th. In that case, I’d recommend just checking out the video I linked earlier. Have fun at your party!!

Prom haircuts for long hair

Bia Acosta say:
Thanks for sharing your beautiful hairstyles, I would like to see a tutorial on how to make that beautiful crown of flowers . greetings from Ecuador.

x3Haha say:
+Bia Acosta You’re welcome! I’m glad you like these hairstyles! :) Yesss, I’ve been wanting to do a DIY hair accessory tutorial for a while. I’ll look into a few ideas to share with you in the future.

Jenna Mathis say:
Hello Thuha! I love all of the hairstyles and I would defiantly do them if I could. Thank you so much for inspiring and many others to have fabulous hair. Just keep being you!- Jenna

prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair   prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair

x3Haha say:
+Jenna Mathis Hi Jenna! :) Awww you’ll get to try these new hairstyles soon since your hair grows so fast! Thank you for watching and always supporting me. You’re the best. <3 Ah btw, I saw that you sent me an email but I haven't had a chance to read it yet. I'll look it over after I'm done with final exams next week! :) I hope you're doing well!

Truc Jeon (VlogsDeTruc) say:
These are so cute! I wish my hair were longer since some of these wouldn't look that nice on my medium-long length hair lol. Besides that, I'm thinking of getting that bun tool but not sure if I should get the 17.5 cm or 22.5 cm...

prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair   prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair

x3Haha say:
+Truc Jeon (VlogsDeTruc) Thanks! :) When bought the bun tool, it only came in one size (I think it’s the bigger one?), which was perfect because my hair is long. If your hair is thick, I’d recommend the bigger one too so it’s more sturdy and hold more hair. :) I think either one should work fine. It’s super easy to use!

pastel joker say:
+x3Haha thank you so much! And I love your videos thank you for uploading another video, I use the styles all the time and I was close to running out haha!

Jessica Sinatra (Sinatra13) say:
big, poofy buns are what I miss most about having long hair :( all great looks though! Might try out the twist one because I have a long bob so my front pieces are actually long enough to execute it!

x3Haha say:
+Jessica Sinatra (Sinatra13) I’ve always wanted to try an angled bob hairstyle, but I don’t have enough courage to cut my hair xD. I bet yours look super cute under a Santa hat! I love how hats / beanies look on short hair!

prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair   prom hairstyles for long hair,prom haircuts for long hair

Jessica Sinatra (Sinatra13) say:
+x3Haha I’ve been gradually going shorter for about a year and a half so it’s definitely a process! But I do love to wear lots of hats with it! I’ve just always had long hair so I needed a change, but I remember when I first started watching you you had some pretty short hair, I think it was a fashion mullet? It’s been fun watching your hair grow as you do different things to it!

Icy Princess say:
Such cute hairstyles! I’m definitely gonna try them!
I hope you are still doing Anime Inspired’s Hairstyles and outfit! 😊

x3Haha say:
+Icy Princess Thanks! Hope you’ll have fun trying these hairstyles out. I am definitely doing more anime inspired looks! Just trying to survive finals week right now, and I can’t wait to be on break and make more videos. :)

Icy Princess say:
+x3Haha Can’t wait to see your next latest Anime Inspired’s Video! ;-)

Rachel Kyes say:
I loooove that the hairstyles you do are honestly so easy to do but look really intricate and different and cute!!

x3Haha say:
+Rachel Kyes Thanks so much! :) Glad you liked these hairstyles! Hope you’ll give them a try for the coming week!

Annabel Qi say:
I just love how you’re always straight to the point and don’t blabber on and on like some other beauty/hair gurus. Your voice is so cute and you pull off that hair colour so well! Please start uploading more, I’ve missed your videos SO MUCHHH.

x3Haha say:
+Annabel Qi Awwhs, you’re so sweet. :) Thank you!! I’m almost done with finals so I’ll definitely upload more often when I’m finally on my break. I can’t wait. <3 Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Pin up hairstyles for long hair

Jia Min C. say:
Omg! Your hairstyles are so pretty and easy as well thank you for doing this! Love your videos so much also I have a pj day tomorrow so I’m so going to make the pigtails!

Cosplay For Life say:
This is awesome I’m going to try these with my hair.:) and can you do anime hair, I need some for school and cosplaying cons. Thx your awesome and pretty:)

Joyce Huang say:
Ahhh. I want to try all of these. Waiting for my hair to grow longer…. T^T

JuneGirl say:
oh my goodness sooooo adorable!!!!!! I’m definitely gonna try them out! thank you !!! 😃😃😃😃

pin up hairstyles for long hair   pin up hairstyles for long hair

Han Rae Ah say:
my pony tails always fall within 5 minutes because my hair is so thick

Aimen Khan say:
I also have that tooth like you ^_^ .. btw nice hairstyles .. will surely give it a try

HollyJollyAru say:
Can’t wait till my hair gets long enough to do this kind of thing.

pin up hairstyles for long hair   pin up hairstyles for long hair

Christy Strijk say:
You are so adorable! Going to try one of those hairstyles for school tomorrow! 💞

Rebecca Parker say:
My hair is short do u know anyhair styles for short hair

Vinod Tripathi say:
your arms ar very beautiful. keep pumping up for peaks

Angela Le (Zekken) say:
These are really cute for summer too~! Amazing job!

x3Haha say:
+Angela Le (Zekken) Yes, they are! :) I’m hoping to do some winter – specific hair tutorials with beanies / hats soon. Thanks for watching!

oceanwaves078 say:
the bun tool you used at the end looks simple to use! i can never get my donut bun to work, it always pulls my hair out lol i’ll be sure to try out that tool though. thanks :)

pin up hairstyles for long hair   pin up hairstyles for long hair

x3Haha say:
+oceanwaves078 I have actually never used a hair donut before. I’ve felt it before and it was spongey with a netting on the outside? I feel like my hair would get caught in it lol. The tool I used in this video is super easy! It doesn’t necessarily give you a bun as round as a hair donut might, but it does get the job done. I love using it when I want more volume in a lazy bun. :)

Sarah Sugar Craft say:
I missed you and your videos! Thank you for uploading <3 x3Haha say: +Sarah Sugar Craft Thank you for watching! :) I'm almost done with school now so I can't wait to upload more often. I have so many ideas to share!

Athena Anastasoglou say:
I like doing those hairstyles

x3Haha say:
+Athena Anastasoglou I love them too! :) I get super lazy in the morning so I love going to these quick and simple hairstyles.

Dreamiibunni say:
So pretty I always love your videos but omg I think im gonna try the pigtail one tomorrow <3 x3Haha say: +Dreamiibunni Thanks! :) The pigtails will literally take 2 minutes top!

Homecoming hairstyles for long hair

Kawaii Girls🎀 say:
Hey aren’t you the guy Weylie was talking about in her vlog? Haha you sure do appear in comments a lot. You and your potatoes lol

Letícia say:
love all of them! I can’t wait until my hair grows so I can pull these of better.

homecoming hairstyles for long hair   homecoming hairstyles for long hair

x3Haha say:
+Letícia Thank you! 😀 If your hair is a few inches past your shoulder, then the first 2 will work for you!

plopp ilopp say:
I love the fishtail one! Gonna wear it to school tomorow:3 Thank you^_^ And lotsa luck if you still have finals left<3 Maddy M say: I'm so happy that you are back doing hair tutorials! I have missed watching them so much! homecoming hairstyles for long hair   homecoming hairstyles for long hair

esteffany gutierrez say:
How often do u dye your hair? You should do like a hair care routine/ how u maintain your hair color. I’m thinking of dying my hair red but I know it’s a big commitment. How do u like having red hair?

Michelle Ngo say:
OMG I love you so much! I died when i found out that my cousin Davina knows you! Oh so fun!

homecoming hairstyles for long hair   homecoming hairstyles for long hair

faith yang say:
I love the 1st 2nd and 5th but still love all of them. Gonna try them for the holidays. Where did u get ur top from?

Katelyn Chang say:
This could not be more useful! I have a band concert tomorrow and I think I’ll either do the waterfall fishtail braid or the twisty half undo thing.

Emma Roronoa say:
Super cute hairstyles by the way. What size hair tool did you use? I’m the link you left there were 2 sizes. thanks!

Hairstyles for long thick hair

kalieghbrown say:
When you put in your extentions is it just the two you showed or more? Do you place them at the bottom or middle of your head? When I try looks like these I feel like my extensions always show :( my hair isn’t thick but it’s not super thin. 

Anne Sofie Hoel say:
Woow so beautiful :) Are you Italian +Lilith Moon ? I would like you to do my hair for my wedding.

hairstyles for long thick hair   hairstyles for long thick hair

Scout Lucky say:
This is great and these are the best versions of these looks on the internet but the accent makes it difficult to follow.

Snoo zer say:
half up do and side swept braid! The Elsa updo was the best version i have seen yet!

hairstyles for long thick hair   hairstyles for long thick hair

Angelina Gazova say:
hey lilith moon do you got kids or boyfriend nase to meet you 

Özlem Isci say:
the second one was so quick it blew my mind I’m gonna do it tomorrow hopefully when my hair cooperates with me >. < thank you so muck for this video it's exactly what I needed now that I have exams. x3Haha say: +Özlem Isci I'm so there with you! I'm going through final exams too. I can't wait to be done ;____; In the meantime, I've been in sweats with hair up all week lol. Good luck on your finals!! hairstyles for long thick hair   hairstyles for long thick hair

MistressWe say:
Isci omg you’re so right, blew my mind too. I just did it, it looks pretty elvish and i love it. New favourite hairstyle.

E V O R I say:
Literally your hair tutorials are the only ones that just work with my hair. When I choose to use one, I do one of your overnight curl tutorials for the curliness and do it up the next day. By the way, maybe a new heartless curl before holidays so I can pick some of your looks for visiting the endless family I have to see for Christmas? Haha!!

x3Haha say:
I’m so honored to hear that! :’D Hehe I have a few more heatless curling methods to experiment with after finals. Can’t wait to share more with you. ^_____^ Talking about the holiday season makes me so cozy inside. I can’t wait for winter break ahhh!! <3

hairstyles for long straight hair

neha k say:
left right…left-right….hmm…I dont think I can ever do it….I have beautiful,long hair…but very bad at doing UPDO…someone help….

Atreyee Chakraborty say:
This is actually the perfect elsa bun…i’ve seen a lot of tutorials for this hairstyle untill i came across this :) u’re amazing thank you….

Tatyana “Sentinora” Yanovich say:
Well, your version of this hairstyle is the best by far, others always demand teasing for volume, which I hate) 

hairstyles for long straight hair   hairstyles for long straight hair

Bipasha Dey say:
This one was oh So Pretty :) I just loved this one. I’m a huge fan of Elsa AND Anna and your’s too. I love all the hairstyles you teach and try them out. Thank you so much for this. #ThankYouLilithMoon 

Pooja Potdar say:
You look like a pretty vampire here donno why
The way you work with hair is magic i love watching you though i cant recreate any of the hairstyles:p

Natalie Forslind say:
Love this hairstyle. Gonna try it tomorrow! 

Bhavneet Kaur say:
Heya, could you please do a hair tutorial on Rosamund Pike’s hair styles in wrath of the titans. I love it. I looks so pretty but I don’t know how to do it.

hairstyles for long straight hair   hairstyles for long straight hair

Zalak Patel say:
This is the best Elsa inspired hair tutorial I have seen!!! Love your work!! 

Saiyara Nayeem say:
OMG…. It was fabulous….. Seriously I love all ur hairstyles….. Bt unfortunately I have small hair so I can’t do this… So can u pls make a video for short step cut hairstyles…????? I’ll be waiting for ur answer….
Love u!!!!

Claire Grant say:
I like the Elsa braid a lot! You kinda look like Elsa with the platinum hair.

hairstyles for long straight hair   hairstyles for long straight hair

nicoleasarous say:
I love your tutorials, you’re so specific and you walk us through each step very slowly and carefully, which is awesome for someone like me who isn’t very talented with any kind of hairstyle!

ShabrinaZ say:
i love your channel, so straight forward without spending too much minutes on small talks or any other unnecessary scene. so much to learn from just one video.

Lilith please do more tutorial on friend or your relative that is dark haired.
i really adore every hairstyle you do on you, but when i do it on mine, it is almost not visible, sometimes it looks just like a mess eventhough i did it neatly.
please do some hairstyle that will suit on dark hair

hairstyles for long hair with bangs

about “hairstyles for long hair with bangs”

Hajer Altenaiji say:
I love all the hair style u r doing .. such an amazing n clear video .. thanks for your efforts .

Kym Flanagan say:
Moon this tutorial is brilliant!!!!! 😘 I wish I could do my hair like you!!!!! You are so beautiful 😉 this hairstyles so much better than Elsas!

hairstyles for long hair with bangs   hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Tiina Wiik say:
I love both of those looks. Hadn’t come to think that the fishtail could be made like that too, it came out really beautiful. I use extensions for these big braids too, the Finnish hair type just isn’t thick enough even if I added a huge amount of volume products. Sometimes it gives me trouble that the ends of my own hair pop up in some part because they’re shortes, but I noticed that an easy way to fix it is to just pull the ends in the braid/bun with a crochet hook when doing the finishing touches.

suellen langortt say:
her hairstyle very beautiful, and very similar to the Elsa.

hairstyles for long hair with bangs   hairstyles for long hair with bangs

Greta P. say:
your tutorials on Elsa hair are the best on the internet! they REALLY look like Elsa’s hair i mean :) thank you for your brilliant videos, I’m gonna try most of your braids.

ayat shadab say:
You are soo pretty! I watch all your videos and try all your hairstyles :). Ur hairstyles are always awesome . 

Caitlin McDougall say:
I love it!! It is easy for me to do on my own hair and I’m only 12! 

hairstyles for long hair with bangs   hairstyles for long hair with bangs

loveli90 say:
I love your hair videos! Where did you put the first braid when you braided the long one at the end? Did you secure it with the hair at the opposite side? Thank you :)

Teresa Perez say:
I love doing a lot of different braids and hairstyles on my daughters hair and they look so pretty .