Astronautas pierden un escudo en el espacio por accidente

I was just thinking how they get to look down and see mot a single person its so silent. So calm. Its like the one point where you aren’t allowed to go. Like the boundary in a game blocking that really cool mtn on skyrim. You just feel sorta as tho your doing something wrong by being in space. idk the feeling I get is this is where we are not meant to be and we made it. Just crazy.

Since the shield is floating downwards(Radially inwards relative to orbit), it will actually return to the ISS every orbit or 90 minutes. If an object is lost in the axial directions(towards Earth’s poles), it will return to the ISS every half orbit or 45 minutes.

If an object is lost forwards or backwards in orbit(prograde or retrograde) the time length of it’s orbit will change and it will be truly lost. It will end up above or below(with respect to the ground) the ISS every half orbit, and behind or ahead of the ISS every full orbit(in the opposite direction it was originally drifting).

this looks amazing. if i had tons of money i would really like to go to space to see this view in person but i don’t know if i would be more scared of being so hight off the ground or the empty void “above” (i sometimes was scared looking up on some high mountains so this could be overkill for me)

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