Guilin Yangshuo Cycling and Fun Tour-Guanyan to Xingping Cycling

After cycling to Guilin with my wife at the end of 2017, I asked my cyclists to plan the rest of the journey again, hoping to complete a lap around Guilin and Yangshuo. This time we set off clockwise, but the departure season is correct. It’s summer. It’s different from the previous habit of only choosing to start in the spring and autumn seasons. The reason is that everyone can’t cooperate in time this fall. If you want to arrange a ride for a group, you can only arrange to start before the end of August.

Readers who have read my travel notes should know that I only have two regular riders with me. This time I joined Dennis, an old classmate of one of my riders, James, and he and my other rider, Braden, also have experience in cycling. I believe it is more than enough for this ride. The weather forecast for Guilin before departure was still unpredictable. It was not until the departure that I found out that there was no rain in the first four days of the five-day ride, but it rained on the day of the return trip, so I also brought rain gear.

We booked the hotel and high-speed rail tickets early in the morning. The tickets were booked on the official website 12306. Originally, the Home Visit Permit could be used to collect tickets at the self-service ticket machine at West Kowloon High Speed ​​Rail Station for free. To pick up the ticket at the counter, a fee of HK$60 is charged, so friends who only have the old version of the Home Visit Permit are best to order from the official website of the Hong Kong High Speed ​​Rail.

Four-way round-trip high-speed rail ticket collected at the ticket machine on the day of departure

There are always fewer choices of flights in West Kowloon. It is more convenient to start from West Kowloon to Shenzhen North and then transfer to other flights. Depart before 11 a.m., including the waiting time of more than half an hour for the transfer, and arrive before 3 o’clock. Guilin.

Line up early and get in the car first to find a place to store your bicycles

The speed of the car is basically only more than 200 kilometers, but it was as high as 306 kilometers in the early part of Shenzhen.

This time, I also added a meal delivery service on the official website of the high-speed rail at 12306, which can be regarded as an alternative to ordering meals in the dining car.

Arrived at Guilin North Station at 2:49 pm on time

Go to the hotel where you stayed on the fourth night and store my bicycle bag for free
In order to gain time to complete the itinerary in five days, this time we added several chartered cars to omit some road sections with little scenery or uphill which is physically exhausting, so as to allow more time to visit other scenic spots. At about 3:30, the nine-seater chartered car I found on Taobao arrived at the door of the hotel. I passed the car shop where I rented a car last time in Guilin, and rented a small folding car for Dennis. The other three of us brought our own small folding car. vehicle.

I arrived at the car shop in about half an hour’s drive.

The end of the chartered car is Guilin Lijiangyuan B&B in Guanyan, where I stayed with my wife two years ago.

When the chartered car arrived near Guanyan, there were obstacles, so I had to get off and walk past the hotel

Guilin Lijiangyuan B&B where I will stay tonight

The view of the Li River outside the hotel, the room also has a terrace to see the riverside

After checking in at the B&B, we left our luggage and bicycles, and walked to the “Guanjing Pavilion” for dinner next to the drop-off point.

Passing by a group of neighborhoods eating dishes

If we are really invited, we would also like to try the local taste.

Dinner at “Guanjing Pavilion”, the taste is not bad, pay 285 yuan

The chickens were crowing early the next morning. I walked out of the terrace and saw several roosters pacing in the street.

We went out to have breakfast together, and on the way we saw workers transporting bamboo shoots in Kisang

Many boaters have gathered along the river to prepare for a busy day of work

For breakfast, eat authentic Guilin rice noodles at the “Gu Rongshu Restaurant” near the homestay, and make your own ingredients and soup.

Ten yuan per person can be full, economical

Check out after breakfast to start the cycling tour:

Start cycling along the road to Xingping

After going up a slope, I saw a road sign that was 29 kilometers away before reaching Xingping.

I saw the cyclist’s furnishings appearing in the grass by the side of the road

This is a winding uphill road, one section is higher than one section, and there is no rest.

The road is still wide and there are not many vehicles

Go up to the viewing platform to rest, but the sun is high and it starts to feel very hot, which is different from the more comfortable riding in spring and autumn

But riding the uphill road, looking at the top of the mountain in the distance, I don’t know where the end is.

Go up to the heights and see Guilin Lijiang National Scenic Area in front

Looking back at the bottom of the mountain is the starting point of our ride, surrounded by undulating mountains.

Passing this sign is to leave Guilin and enter the border of Yangshuo

Passing a row of fruit stalls, looking into the distance is Xitang Village, backed by the mountains and lakes, once again with beautiful landscapes.

Finally saw the street signs of Xingpingjiang Village, I believe I will arrive in Xingping Town soon.

Passing by an inn with the colors of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party

I have entered the Xingping area, it is almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and I am hungry and tired.

Follow the navigation to find the “Sister Liu Beer Fish” meal introduced by Dianping

High consumption in tourist towns, the taste is not bad, and the bill is 410 yuan

After dinner, visit Xingping Ancient Town across the road

This is the key cultural relic in the ancient town, the “Wannian Stage”. There is an exhibition of costumes and furnishings, but there is not much time to visit it.

Similar to other ancient towns in China, the ancient town is beginning to be commercialized, and only some of the ancient buildings are retained to attract tourists
Since I have to rush to Yangshuo to watch the evening show, the remaining 28 kilometers from Xingping to Yangshuo, there should be no beautiful scenery along the way. Although there is a bus from Xingping to Yangshuo, the frequency is also very dense, but I always bring bicycles and luggage, and then pack one. Chengjiu seats to Yangshuo are more comfortable and the fare is not too expensive for everyone to share.

Tonight is staying at the summer inn introduced by the owner of the bicycle shop. There are many cyclists staying, and the price is relatively cheap.

The room is quite wide, but you have to go up and down stairs, so the bicycles are stored in the lobby

Simple restroom
In the evening in Yangshuo, I will visit a performance of “Guilin Eternal Love” and a night tour of West Street, which will be introduced in the next chapter.

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