cute short haircuts,cute short hair cut

She wants to look “gayer” and attract more attention. Gay girls cut their hair short. No hate…just saying?

cute short haircuts,cute short hair cuts   cute short haircuts,cute short hair cuts

She cut her hair short because she’s a beauty guru, and needs to try different styles to make more of a variety of videos on hair styles. Stop assuming things just because she’s gay. I watch plenty of gay youtubers that have long hair.

Also, there aren’t many good short hair how-to type tutorials on YouTube. This was a great idea on Ingrid’s part, especially since she rocks the hairstyle.

Not trying to start an argument, just trying to clear the air a little.?

cute short haircuts,cute short hair cuts   cute short haircuts,cute short hair cuts

Oh shit! I cut my hair awhile ago to make it healthier, but I didn’t realize I had to be gay to have short hair :( I better call my boyfriend and tell him?

I have natural straight hair and I just recently hit my hair shoulder length. Every Time I blow dry it the ends stick out and I try to straighten it, but it doesn’t work and is way to much heat. Can someone help me????

cute short haircuts,cute short hair cuts   cute short haircuts,cute short hair cuts

Thank God for your videos on short hair styles. I was starting to dispair at all the videos that were basically: Put your hair in a pony tail or part your hair on the side or curl it. DONE. As if I couldn’t work those out for myself…?
You post INTERESTING don’t look simple but are simple to do hair styles. So thank you, because I was starting to regret cutting my hair.?

Can I have your hair PLEASE?! Seriously when you were blow drying it I was dying! Haha I may be overreacting but I just love how naturally straight and smooth your hair is! I loved these styles too- I’ll definitely be trying them. :)?

Would love more videos like this. I just cut my hair this same length about 3-4 weeks ago and I missing being able to do stuff with it. Thanks!?

Does that braid only work for people with short hair? I don’t have really long hair but it’s longer then yours. My hair stops between my elbow and my shoulder. It’s not long enough to touch ware my elbow is but it surpasses my shoulder.?

I think you are very talented and cool but I just don’t like the content of your videos lately. I understand this is a business now and a lot of people likes it, I just don’t want you to follow Blair’s or juicy star steps with the partnership and the acting more and more silly on camera. And just for the record people, relax, this has nothing to do with her being happier or being herself now, because she has been acting like this since before her coming out video.?

The sponsored to non sponsored ratio in your videos recently is getting annoying. We get you need to make money but actual content from now on then to dilute the salty taste sponsored vids leave would be nice. When a channel becomes nothing but ads it makes us feel like we’re subbed to an infomercial generator rather than a person?

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